Mandala Workshops

Get together with friends in this fun and informative mandala workshop offered in Southern California.

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Books and Gifts

Be inspired to work through challenges in order to manifest your wildest dreams!

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Positive Affirmations

Create new habits that reflect what you want most in life. Use the law of attraction to manifest what you want!

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Life Coaching

Start living the life of your dreams by defining and committing to relevant goals. I can help.

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Recognize Intuition As A Spiritual Guide

You can manifest your dream lifestyle by incorporating a daily spiritual practice of affirmations, visualizations, and meditations. Learn how to build confidence and self-esteem with tips offered by author Lynnette Rozine Prock. Develop self-awareness with workbooks and therapeutic activities. Take the actions that lead you towards manifesting your dreams!

  • Inspirational Self-Help Books guide users to better understand their purpose and life calling. Workbooks offer activities that are helpful for overcoming obstacles and challenges.
  • Audio / Visual Positive Affirmations develop confidence and self-esteem. Repeating positive statements assists dreamers in believing in their full potential.
  • Motivational Quotes stir up emotional drive and give proof that others have already succeeded at what was once an unlikely outcome.
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About the author & illustrator Lynnette Rozine Prock Inspirational quotes by Louise Hay; Michael Bernard Beckwith; Wayne Dwyer; Mike Dooley; Oprah Winfrey; and more. Inspirational Advice About Intuition Spirituality Motivation Dream Big
Cool Henna Party Event Tattoos by Rozine

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See what is being said about Lynnette Rozine’s Intuitive Life Coaching:

THIS.IS.AMAZING! I can’t even express how “on point” it is 🙂 I’m so grateful and excited for this vision board. I’m going to try and create one for my husband and daughter too! Thank you thank you! So glad to have you in my “peace and love arsenal. ~Christina L.

This was a great exercise! It made me realize I am truly much further along than I would have given myself credit for six months ago. Wow! Very empowering. Thank you. 🙂 ~Christian K.

This is amazing, thanks so much! The affirmations really touched me. I also find the materials you have online very helpful.~Lisa L.

guided meditations inspirational books positive affirmationsFUN FACTS ABOUT LYNNETTE ROZINE PROCK

  • Took horse riding lessons in WI as a tween
  • Sometimes makes a living as a henna tattoo artist
  • Has quite a few IMDb credits in the art department
  • Loves gardening, mosaics, and messy hands-on artistic creations
  • During her third trip to Egypt, a revolution erupted!
  • Plays saxophone and bass (but not at the same time)
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