Your Life Exists For You! Your Unique Presence Matters.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~Judy Garland

Is it just me, or does it feel like we all have a unique pattern and purpose in life? Do you feel that, too? Deep inside there is something special about each of us that no one else can express. There are many differences between each person. Sometimes its obvious, sometimes its a bit more subtle. We all want to be fed, sheltered, loved, accepted and respected. Even though we all have these same basic needs, we go about accomplishing things in very unique ways. And thankfully, because if we were all driving the same car, in the same outfits, to work at the same jobs… wow, would that ever be boring! Can you imagine?

Everybody notices icons like Lady Gaga or John Lennon. They stand out as unique – like no one else. Even if they are sort of like someone else, we can’t deny that they stand out from the norm and make a statement about who they are. They insist on being unique regardless of what society dictates or demands.

Rozine keeps her face shaded with a cowboy hat on the set of el Jardín del Barrio

Rozine keeps her face shaded with a cowboy hat on the set of The Neighborhood Garden.

I don’t believe that you have to be as bold as Lady Gaga or as influential as John Lennon to be a unique individual. When you truly believe in your own uniqueness you are at the height of personal development in your individuality. If you refuse to compromise who you are just to fit in with the crowd, you’re being true to yourself.

Your life exists for you. You are here to express your unique individuality. What qualities do you have that set you apart from people around you? Maybe you are more patient than your friends. Maybe you’re a better listener or a more eloquent communicator. Do you have a story to share about a time when you initially felt awkward for not fitting in, yet you were rewarded for remaining true to yourself?

For example, I was on a set this year that had a lot of outdoor shots. It was summer and we’re in Los Angeles. I did not want to come out of this experience with a sun burnt face. I put on sunscreen but also took a cowboy hat with me that we happened to have lying around. When I first put on the cowboy hat, I felt awkward. I felt like everyone was looking at me like I was a weirdo. I imagined that everyone was thinking “does she know how silly she looks?”. I mean, I was wearing a cowboy hat! After a few hours in the hot sun, people started to tell me how smart it was that I thought to bring a hat. After a few more hours in the sun, someone ran to a local retail store and bought cheap hats for everyone to wear. The moral is not that I was a trendsetter, but simply that I remained true to myself regardless of how other people perceived me.

Share your story here or over on the Facebook fan page. I’m curious what you’ve discovered about yourself after reading this story. How has your uniqueness benefited you and the world around you? Don’t be shy (unless of course being shy is a quality that highlights your uniqueness).

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