Plant Seeds Of Beauty In Your Garden and Sow Happiness

“Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” ~William Wordsworth

This analogy is so strikingly accurate it stings. Doesn’t it?

My childhood home was that of a broken family. Our parents divorced when my youngest brother was three years old. I was six. There were four children, raised by a single mother who worked a full time job as a realtor. Looking back, I feel like I was orphaned, but at the time, this lifestyle is what I knew.

Of course, I felt sorry for myself. I dreamt about having a close family. I longed to know what that felt like. I questioned the hardships in my life. I wondered why all the other kids had two parents that made breakfast for them every morning and picked up after them. While I was making cinnamon toast for myself and doing laundry in a sink because our washing machine was broken. Eventually I started to get really mad about my circumstances and upbringing.

Rozine's family stands by patiently in the snow while Grandpa takes their picture.

Rozine and her family stand in the snow to have their picture taken before going off to stay with the Grandparents.

My mind was a garden and I was planting seeds of hatred and anger. I didn’t have very many strong friendships. I didn’t enjoy life. I was bitter, mean and ungrateful – at 10 years old! I became the loneliest of loners and I was harvesting a lot of weeds. There wasn’t anything pretty growing in my garden.

In my adult life, I make a strong effort to plant wild flowers, perennials and roses in my garden. Instead of hatred and anger, I think of love and beauty, peace and compassion. Just as any natural garden, weeds pop up between the flowers and I have to go in and pull them out. As the quote implies, each seed planted is a choice made. Each choice grows into glorious beauty or a nuisance. Every day I grow more and more conscious of what I put into my garden. Just like any natural garden, my garden is a work in progress and grows and transforms every day based on the decisions I’ve made – or rather, the seeds I’ve planted.

How does this story make you feel? Have you noticed moments in your own life where you planted weeds instead of flowers?  How choices could you have made differently? Share your stories here or on the Facebook fan page. Let’s grow our gardens together and bring beauty into the world through our awareness.


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