How Can Affirmations Change My Life?

Affirmations can help you develop self esteem and confidence that leads to personal growth. You can change the way you perceive yourself when you repeat a statement over and over again. This works for both positive and negative statements. By reminding yourself each day how beautiful, great and essential your existence is, you raise the expectations of yourself. It may not be obvious, but affirmations gradually motivate you to make better, more meaningful decisions throughout the day.

A rose is just a rose by any other name

Red roses in full bloom express true beauty.

If you’re not used to repeating affirmations on a daily basis, it can feel strange at first. The more you do it and the more regular you are, the quicker you’ll experience more confidence and self esteem. Take it slow and really visualize what each statement means. Envision yourself at that place where the statement takes you. See yourself already as you want to be. By doing this, you remind yourself of hidden, buried potential within yourself. Remembering these qualities will trigger new decisions in your day to day life that will lead to bigger and better things.

Think of it this way, when your parent, child or partner says “I love you,” you feel that love instantly. You already knew that they loved you, but when it is verbalized, you’re reminded and the feeling is brought to the forefront of your life. When you hear “I love you” every day by people who matter to you, you know without a doubt that you are loved. If a loved one hasn’t told you they love you in awhile, you might start to wonder if they’ve lost love for you. When they remind you, you know instantly and you remove all prior doubt. The same thing happens when you say affirmations. You are reminding yourself that you love you. By repeating positive statements, you remove the doubt that may have been building up. When you repeat affirmations on a daily basis, the amount of doubt in your mind lessens and lessens.

So, remind yourself of the love you have for you. Click on the following links for your personalized affirmations. Can’t find the inspiration you’re looking for? Post a comment here or on the Facebook fan page and I’ll custom make an affirmation package just for you!

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