Relieve Stress Through Meditation

“Let yourself be willing to be nothing, only then can you allow yourself the possibility of being anything.” ~The Daily Love

Life is busy. Things happen all around us at every moment. When we react only to our immediate environment, life becomes an obligation. We’re not making choices for our own good anymore. This is usually when people say they feel trapped. They experience funky moods and ruts. You don’t have to feel trapped! You can get away from this feeling simply by meditating. And, good news: there are thousands of meditation practices. Which means that there is a way you can do this comfortably.

Have you ever driven home after work, stuck in a traffic jam for what seems like hours? You let your mind wander and by the time you finally get home, you realize that you don’t remember any details from that long commute (besides that it was extremely annoying). Even though you may have been behind the same car for 5 miles, you might not remember what make or model it was. You might remember what color the car was. That is actually a form of meditation. Letting your mind wander can be a good thing. It allows you to stop focusing on how extremely annoying it is to be stuck behind the same car for 5 miles. Meditation is simply quieting your mind and focusing on your thoughts. We all meditate, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes it’s defined as day dreaming.

Rozine quiets her mind by doing simple yoga breathing exercises on the beach near Malibu, CA.

Rozine quiets her mind by doing simple yoga breathing exercises on the beach near Malibu, CA.

When we make time in our day to purposely let our mind wander, we give our brains some much needed rest and breathing room. Meditation is a way to relieve anxiety, worry or stress caused from living a reactionary life. When we feel overwhelmed with to-do lists, chores, and projects, our minds become full. Eventually, the pressure becomes too much and our minds release the stress by making us feel trapped, obligated, cranky or like we’re in a rut. Or worst of all, it builds up as disease in your body. By taking a few minutes every day to meditate (let our minds wander or be still), we release stress. We bypass feeling lost, stressed out or frustrated.

So… how can you meditate? Ride your bike. Take a walk. Do yoga. Put together a puzzle. Take a bath. Work out. Simply sit still in a quiet space and breathe. Release all of the worry, fear, anxiety and frustrations you have throughout the day. Really let them go. No matter how deeply something is bothering you about the situations and circumstances in your life – let it be okay. Let forgiveness and acceptance carry into the rest of your day and see what kind of results you experience.

How do you meditate? What suggestions or experiences do you have to offer that haven’t been mentioned here? I’d love to hear your stories, and readers of this blog would, too. Share your thoughts here or on the Facebook fanpage.



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