Make Your Dreams Materialize By Taking Action

“I dream my painting and then paint my dream.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

Many artists practice this advice. Artists see something in their mind and have an insatiable appetite to make it happen. Artists have a vision about a painting or a sculpture and something drives them to complete what may seem like an impossible task. But, it’s not just artists that have visions or dreams. We all have thousands of ideas every day. Every single person has unique thoughts about what they think the world should be like. Not everyone acts on those visions and dreams. That’s the true definition of a creator. Creation happens when a thought becomes something solid and real. The thought by itself is weightless and thinner than air.

Rozine paints a logo for the "EcoLove by Bunny" booth at Handmade Galleries.

Rozine paints a logo for the "EcoLove by Bunny" booth at Handmade Galleries.

Making a thought materialize is, in my opinion, what life is all about. Even if that isn’t what life is all about – isn’t it fun to take an idea about something and make it materialize out of thin air? This quote and blog illustrate how there first is a thought about something. There is an idea, a dream, or an aspiration. But it goes further than that. The next step is painting that dream. Writing that book. Losing those ten pounds. Fighting that cancer. Winning that marathon. Owning that business. Driving that dream car to your dream home. Even on a smaller scale, the process is the same.

In the morning, I wake up and look in the fridge for something to eat. I see what food I have available. Just looking at the food and thinking about how delicious it will be does not make me breakfast. I have to then act on the visions I had for what could be eaten. I have to make myself some breakfast if I want to eat.

When I want to get in shape, I think about all of the exercises I could be doing. I pay close attention to what foods I’m eating. Thinking healthy thoughts or imagining a better body does not tone my muscles. Obviously, I have to work out and eat right in order to see results.

Why then is it not obvious when we apply this same thinking to our bigger aspirations? First we have to dream the painting; visualize the goal; think about the results we want to achieve. Then, we pick up the paint brush, dip it in some paint and put it on a canvas. What good is a dream if it lives only in your imagination? Take actions towards your goals and watch yourself get closer and closer with each step.


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