FREE 2012 Feng Shui’ed Vision Board

I want to help you focus on your dreams and goals for the New Year through the use of a custom-made Feng Shui’d Vision Board. Similarly to the photos or artwork you hang in your home or work place as reminders of things that make you smile, a vision board reminds you of your dreams. When you focus with clear intention on your goals on a daily basis, you develop motivation to really make things happen. It can be confusing to choose what should go on your dream board. One solution I’ve found is to use a Feng Shui map as a guide. Choosing one image to represent each area of the map will bring balance and wholeness to your dreams.

If your goal for 2012 is to lose weight, for example, you could potentially put up a vision board that shows a variety of images of people working out. But, how does that help you in your career or relationship goals? What legacy does that encourage you to leave in 2012? Getting in shape might encourage a healthier romantic relationship, but if you are clear about your goals in each area of life, you’ll find yourself completely balanced and centered.

The images on your vision board need to speak clearly to you. Each image should evoke a deep sense of inspiration and wonder. There shouldn’t be any limits to your dreams. If your dream consists of a beach front mansion while you currently live in a tiny, urban apartment, by all means – put the biggest, most beautiful beach front mansion you can find. You can also use abstract symbols and even words to represent your aspirations. In order for this exercise to be successful, you’ll need to provide these nine images (any online search engine image results will work just fine):

FAME: an image that represents the legacy you want to leave behind in 2012.
ROMANCE: an image that represents your ideal relationship
CHILDREN & IMAGINATION: an image that represents your influence on the younger generation (could also represent the animal kingdom); this could include something creative that stimulates your imagination.
NETWORKING: an image that represents your mentors or group of people you want to be included with
CAREER: images that represent your ideal career situation(s)
WISDOM: image or images that represent your source(s) or education and knowledge
HEALTH: image that motivates you to be healthy
WEALTH: image(s) that tell you “I’ve made it!” or “I’m rich!”

And then one last image that represents how you see yourself (or how you want to see yourself). This last image will go in the CENTER of your vision board. For example, I use a zen garden because that image brings me complete and undeniable peace and contentment. You could also use a picture of yourself, your pet, anything that grounds you. Your choice! It is very subjective based on what is most meaningful to you.

Actors Feng Shui'ed Vision Board for 2012

Personalized Feng Shui'ed Vision Board for 2012

Save each image as the ALL CAPS labels above (fame.jpg, romance.jpg, etc.), and email them to Then I will put them in their respective feng shui locations. You can save the image and set it as your desktop picture. Print it out and hang it at home and at work. Study it daily. Look at each image and see yourself already having whatever it is that you’re dreaming about. It may sound strange, but by doing this you remind yourself what is really important. You are enforcing your subconscious to make decisions that will lead you closer to your dreams. If you’re a Master-Manifester, you will find yourself accomplishing all of your dreams and goals in no time at all.

If you have any questions or want some more direction or clarification, just let me know. I’m happy to do what I can to help make your dreams come true!

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