Look Within For Answers

The Answers To Life’s Questions Are Found When We Look Within

In order to look within to find answers, we must separate ourselves from external sources of sensory overload (like news, social media, and other people’s opinions). It is common to analyze everything gathered from our senses, especially when we find ourselves lost or confused. We tend to look for signs pointing out the direction we should go. Sometimes a peer will offer an opinion about a choice we should make. Value absolutely exists in these situations.

In order to be in alignment with our spiritual path, one should look within in combination with seeking externally. The challenge sometimes comes with stepping outside of our comfort zone in order to hone in on what it is our true self is longing for. I believe, that’s where the answers lie.

Who are you? Why have you come to Earth, in a human body? Are you here to enjoy and care for things of nature: like the birds, oceans, forests, or mountains? Are you here to do evolutionary things: like invent, inspire, and create? Are you here to nurture and guide the next generation of beings? Are you here to explore space and expand the definition of “life”?

The beautiful thing is that everyone has a unique and specific answer to these questions. No one can validate any other person’s purpose, not a parent, nor a boss, or even a loved one. So, how does someone begin to really listen to their own voice and instincts? It starts with practicing self-love and appreciation.

“Loving yourself involves the discovery of the true wonder of you; not only the present you, but the many possibilities of you. It involves the continual realization that you are unique, like no other person in the world, that life is, or should be, the discovery, the development and the sharing of this uniqueness.”
Leo F. Buscaglia

Positive Affirmation that encourages people to look within for the answer to life's questions.

I am excited to discover the beauty and joy that exists within me.

Picture in your mind, one person, place, or thing that you absolutely adore. It can be a child, pet, lover, or inanimate object. Focus on the attraction you feel towards the object of your desire. Can you feel the emotion radiating from your heart space? Notice how, despite all flaws and mistakes, you’re able to recognize pure beauty and joy. See your willingness to devote time and energy to this existence, even during frustrating moments. Most likely, you’re able to justify any negative traits, by appreciating the things that attract you to this presence.

And, that, my friends is how you love you. Find the space within your heart and spend some of your time and energy caring for you. You are worth it, no matter what kinds of “mistakes” you’ve made. Forgive yourself and dig deeper. Look within to find more mystery than you could have imagined. Discover the joy and beauty that exists inside, just begging to be let out. Devote attention to developing a loving relationship with yourself. Be grateful for your unique combination of characteristics and celebrate them through expression.

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