Mastering Manifesting

How I Am Successfully Manifesting My Dreams

What does it mean to manifest a dream? How does manifesting happen? The technical definition of manifesting is to prove beyond a doubt; or to make clear or evident. To me, that means solidifying something abstract. When I have a creative idea (like My Dreams Matter or Live Life For A Living) and I materialize it, it manifests. It becomes clear, real; it is proven beyond a doubt. It is no longer a thought or idea in my mind. It is now a real, physical thing.

Positive affirmation about manifesting dreams.

I manifest the things I want by believing in their existence.

This is my 70th blog post since creating this website in November of 2011. I have consistently posted five days a week since its inception. I tend to spend all day Saturday writing a week’s worth of blog posts. I schedule them to go live throughout the week and promote them on the day they are published. Last Saturday was my 34th birthday. I decided to gift myself a vacation by not working at all that day. Unfortunately, that meant that this blog was neglected for a week. Sure, I could have written my posts on Sunday, or even on Monday – but I recognize that I’ve been working diligently and I deserved a break.

I started to reflect on what that means, to give myself permission to take a break. How do I measure the value of being deserving of that? Should I look at what I’ve done or at what has come from doing things? I started to think about every little thing that I have manifested lately, things that were but dreams and visions in my mind only months ago, or even years ago. I really started recognizing everything that I’ve created, established, inspired and motivated. What I realized is that I’m a manifesting machine! I’ll give a couple of examples…

On Saturday, March 3rd, my husband, Ayman, and I had breakfast together and then went to the beach between Malibu and Santa Monica. For my entire life, prior to moving out to Los Angeles, I spent my birthday in slushy-snow and cold weather in Wisconsin, Chicago, or Colorado. As a sun-lover, I inwardly felt ripped off having my “special day” during a time of year that I didn’t particularly enjoy. I would imagine how amazing it would be to enjoy my birthday under the sun, in warm weather, preferably on a beach. Since I had never had this experience, I didn’t know how to visualize it beyond my imagination. It wasn’t until four years ago when my husband and I went to Jamaica for my 30th birthday, that I was able to truly experience my birthday in a bikini. At the time we were living in Chicago. It was all the fuel I needed to help manifest a dream of more birthdays under the sun. With the real-life experience, I could now combine my imagination with the satisfactory feelings I had from Jamaica, in order to manifest a life where I now live in a continual summer-time with easy access to the beach. Whether its my birthday or not, I can go to the beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

What I’ve manifested in this example, is the thought or idea that “it sure would be nice to live in an environment that I enjoy”. While in Wisconsin, Chicago, and Colorado, I could only dream of such a place to live. I would focus on the few, beautiful days that did offer warmth and sunshine. I was grateful for those days, but I wondered, “Can’t I have this weather every day?” I could have easily thought of a million reasons why I didn’t deserve to live in a place of bliss. I can’t afford California. I was born in Wisconsin, it’s my home. I wouldn’t fit in in Los Angeles. Thankfully, my mind doesn’t work that way. When I desire something, I will find a way to make it a part of my life. What else is life for, but to live it and enjoy it?

That example is very huge in terms of manifesting. There are a lot of factors involved with that dream. I had to move across country. I had to re-create my career path. I had to be open to change. I had to make a lot of decisions that combined into me manifesting this dream of moving away from what I didn’t like, into the place that I do love.

Something more abstract happened on my 34th birthday that showed me another form of manifesting. This type is more magical and less concrete than choosing where to live. I love to comb the beach shores for sea glass. I’m not really sure why, as I don’t have a particular plan for the glass once I’ve collected it. But, nonetheless, I enjoy scouring the sand for sparkly pieces of colored glass. There are days when I go to the beach and find that the ocean has left very little for me to find. Then, there are days when the sand is littered with rocks, shells, and sea glass. My birthday happened to be a day of abundance in the form of sea glass.

Ayman and I are walking down the beach, picking up pieces of glass in all shapes and sizes. We barely have to look for it, as it is everywhere. Every time that I see a piece of colored glass, I’m filled with an excitement and wonder about how it got there and what can I do with it. Normally when Ayman and I go to the beach, he stays on the blankets with our stuff and reads or meditates, while I wander around and look for glass. This time around, he decided to join me. Everywhere I look, I’m finding little pieces in green, brown, and white. Ayman, on the other hand, is having a tremendous amount of beginners luck and is finding huge pieces larger than quarters or even half dollars! Pieces of sea glass this large are rare. I’m really excited that Ayman’s experience with my hobby is one of abundance and reward.

We walk the length of the beach and turn around to go back. Ayman’s pocket is filled with sea glass and we’re enjoying each other’s company. I tell him that I’ve never found a piece of cobalt blue glass. I explain that it’s rare to find blue glass on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. As I’m talking about it, my mind is thinking about the excitement I receive every time I bend down and pick up a mini-glass treasure. My imagination is visualizing finding a gem of cobalt blue glass. I see that beautiful color in my mind’s eye and watch as the sun hits it just right. My face is beaming with the thrill of this hunt and I’m glowing with the joy of sharing my hobby with my husband. Three steps further and I look down to see a large piece of cobalt blue glass. *poof* Like magic, I speak of the thing I’d like to see and it appears in front of me out of nowhere. This is the most wondrous example of manifesting a desire.

Manifesting Sea Glass on the beaches between Santa Monica and Malibu, California

Manifesting Sea Glass on the beaches between Santa Monica and Malibu, California

My determination to fill my life with the things I want to have in it, has rewarded me with living a life that includes the things I desire. It sounds redundant to say that, but really… I wanted to enjoy my birthday in the sun, on a beach. Here I am – doing that. I wanted to have a career where I could decide when I wanted to take a vacation and for how long. Here I am – doing that. I wanted to find a piece of cobalt blue glass on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. Here I am – I did that. If at any time, I had decided that I was not deserving of my desires, they could not come to me. Had I ever thought that it wasn’t in my control to create the lifestyle that I wanted to live, I would not be manifesting my dreams.

Follow along this week as I continue to talk about manifesting dreams. If you have a specific thought or question you’d like me to address, feel free to leave it as a comment here or over on the Facebook Fanpage. Tweets are good, too.

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