How To Manifest Your Destiny

This is how I manifest my destiny:

As I mentioned yesterday, the first step to manifest anything is believing in it’s existence. That sounds so easy, too easy actually. How can something as abstract as a belief bring forth a physical manifestation? Let’s first look at the big picture of this wisdom. We can all agree that if humans decided that they could never step foot on the moon, that they would in fact, never step foot on the moon. There were scientific theories, mathematical equations, and examples that gave strength to the idea that it could be possible. None of these things could prove that walking on the moon could happen. The only thing that could make this notion a reality, is physically walking on the moon with human feet. That could only come from action, from moving towards the belief that it could exist. The theories, equations, and examples gave man confidence in their belief. That confidence led man to say “let’s try it.” Accepting the challenge of facing the unknown led to man walking on the moon.

Positive affirmation to encourage you to manifest your destiny!

With an open mind I can accept that anything is possible.

There were surely people who thought this idea was crazy. No matter how many solid theories, equations, and relative examples there were, someone, somewhere didn’t believe in the idea that man could walk on the moon. They probably had their own theories and equations showing how this idea would end in devastation. They probably believed in the demise of this plan just as passionately as the people who thought opposite of them. Before anything becomes real, it begins as an idea or a belief. Now we have an idea (man walking on the moon) and opposing beliefs (yes, man can and no, man cannot). Which belief will manifest? The only thing determining whether or not something will happen, is the belief in the possibility.

I think a lot of people want to do a million great things while they are here on this planet. We all wish for world peace, to end hunger and poverty, or to become millionaires. Then there are personal goals and journeys. Some of us want to lose a significant amount of weight. Others want to be amazing parents. Actors want to win Oscars. Authors want to be on the New York Time’s Best Selling list. Each of us has our own desires and dreams. Only some of us believe in the possibility. Why is that? What is stopping us from manifesting our destiny?

Ask yourself what it is you want to do with your life. Ask yourself why you are not doing that. Write down all of the reasons why your dream has not already manifested. You might write things like:

* “I don’t have enough time.” 

* “I’m too busy doing things for my family.”

* “I’m not smart enough.”

* “I don’t have the right education.”

* “I don’t have any experience.”

Now, I want you to draw a line through that excuse and write next to it (or below it, or on another sheet of paper), the exact opposite of that statement. Write a statement that falsifies the excuse and gives you hope towards believing in the truth. The truth of course is that there is enough time; you have enough talent; you are in charge of your destiny.

* “I don’t have enough time.”   There is plenty of time in the day for me to do one thing towards my goals. I am in control of how I spend my time and I choose to spend it wisely.

* “I’m too busy doing things for my family.” I have time and energy to help my family and myself. My dreams and goals are just as important as the well-being of my family. I can successfully manage both.

* “I’m not smart enough.” I am smart enough to do anything I desire. I am open to studying, learning and taking classes to further my education. I am smart enough to know that there’s always room to grow and learn.

* “I don’t have the right education.” My passion for my dream is enough to get me started. I can always learn more about my dreams and goals as I go along. My education cannot stop me from living my dreams.

* “I don’t have any experience.” No one starts out with experience. Experience is gained by trying and doing. I am willing to try new things and gain new experiences.

Next, believe in your second statement. This may take some practice, as you’ve already convinced yourself that your second statement isn’t true. You may get frustrated with the conflict in your mind. Be patient with yourself. It takes awhile to turn around a large ship. You can do it! You need to do it. Find the inspiration you need to help you believe in that second statement. Find others who are proving this second statement is true. Let them inspire you. Seek out wisdom and advice from positive sources. Recognize positive and negative influences and steer towards the positive. Release your obligation from the negative thoughts. Develop your belief in your destiny and watch it unfold and fully manifest!


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