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Yet Another Magical Manifestation!

Part of my dream life includes working from my home as a creative being, setting my own hours. I have always been attracted to managing several creative outlets successfully. The obvious manifestation for me has been through graphic design. This blog and my book are a nice compliment to my design work, and quite a surprise, too. While I’ve always considered myself an artist and designer, it wasn’t until recently that I recognized that I’m a writer and a source of inspiration, too. When I started writing “Live Life For A Living”, my intention was to reach people who have thought similar thoughts, but have not found others who share the same ideas. I wanted to encourage people to figure out their own dream and step away from what society is trying to dictate for them. I had no idea that this dream I had to inspire strangers so deeply would become a physical manifestation. I had hoped it would, but one never knows the destiny of their efforts.

A powerful manifestation should be celebrated for the miraculous wonder that it is.

I recognize the power of my thoughts. Whatever I think can be conceived.

Besides this blog, I have four online, e-commerce websites. My Zazzle store is the most profitable. I sell t-shirts, cell phone cases, coffee mugs, mouse pads, stickers, and wedding invitations (and really, so much more!). My contribution to this store is strictly virtual. I upload my designs, layout the text and do the back-end SEO work of categorizing, tagging, and copy writing. Zazzle manufactures and ships the product as well as hosting my store’s database of more than 6,000 products. I probably spend a good 20-30 hours a week “Zazzling“. I love that I can work anywhere, as long as I have my laptop. When Ayman and I visit Egypt, I can still Zazzle! I also love that it costs me nothing but time to manage this store. There are no fees to pay, I don’t have to purchase or store inventory. I can go on and on about Zazzle, and I just might over the next couple of blog posts, as it has really shown me a lot about how to manifest my dreams.

I also have a website that offers professionally designed WordPress websites, like this one you’re on right now. I work a lot with small business marketing and branding and help entrepreneurs make a big impact in a competitive world. Creacious offers website designs, logo development, marketing materials (like business cards and brochures) and caters especially to the mom-and-pop shop owners of the virtual era.

My ArtFire and Etsy stores offer digital collage sheets for crafters and artists. I have templates for domino, Scrabble, and bottle cap pendants and offer my designs in several color combinations. Artists print out my graphics, as many times as they wish, and use them for their jewelry pieces or scrapbooking projects. I also have custom and template banner graphic designs for sale. ArtFire and Etsy store owners purchase these to give their store fronts a professional look. I don’t spend much time maintaining these stores and the sales generated from these outlets are few and far between. I could probably devote more time to them to in order to increase my sales.

Now, I know this all sounds like one long advertisement, but I promise you, there is an example of manifestation in here! Friends and family have asked  me how I support myself financially. My obvious endeavors, like this blog, clearly does not obligate payment from anyone. My advice here is always free and to date, there are over 70 articles to read. Questions about my source of income comes from a fair and curious place. The explanations above are simply to feed the curiosity that some people have had. And now, for the example of magical manifestation!

I hadn’t had any bites on Etsy for awhile (which, as I mentioned, is normal). Until two days ago. I got an email from the store owner of Rainchild Craftworks who wanted to update her store front with one of my template banner designs. We chatted back and forth about her needs and one of her questions was about how I handled changes to banners. For instance, if she wanted to change her tagline in 3 months, would it cost as much as the original banner or was there a discount? I explained to her my policies and I included an example of another Etsy store that I had worked with months ago, Shabby Chickadee. I created a custom banner and avatar set for Shabby Chickadee that included variations of the same look to represent each season: Summer; Fall; Winter; and Spring. I hadn’t spoken to Shabby Chickadee since we finished her design, months ago. After I sent the email to Rainchild Craftworks, I instantly received an email from Shabby Chickadee. It was as if she heard me speaking of her and she in turn was compelled to reach out to me. Or, maybe I felt her need to reach out to me, and thus spoke of her to Rainchild Craftworks.

Example of a magical manifestation in the form of financial and spiritual abundance.

Whatever the case may be, it was a magical moment of manifestation. A thought about working with someone had turned into a real, physical thing! Shabby Chickadee was reaching out to me to expand her marketing material to include business cards, stickers, a craft fair banner, and product tags. I was so blown away by the “coincidence” of her email, that I joked that we must be psychic. I then shared my blog with Shabby Chickadee to show her how this sort of manifestation is a lot about what I stand for and write about. She responded with this very beautiful and touching statement:

“I enjoyed your blog so much. I went back several months and will read more later in the week. We have a great deal in common as I am studying some of the ideas you are writing about and it’s so wonderful to read what you’ve written. I am going to order your book too. I had never been exposed to these concepts before but after taking the classes I’ve taken I find it all really enlightening and seems to me to answer so many questions I’ve always had. Manifesting is a big piece of what I’m studying too. I am also certified in Reiki and studying Shamanism. So see maybe we are connected – we are “heart sisters” Cool eh? Have a great night and thanks for everything. Sue”

Wow! First we manifested the work connection and now we have established this spiritual manifestation! I am very thrilled to share this experience with her as well as passing it on to you. I suppose I could have looked at this moment without the wonder and awe, but I enjoy these magical moments and decided a long time ago that they are worth celebrating. What manifestation have you recognized recently? Share your stories here, over on the Facebook fan page, or Tweet about it. You never know what might come from the expression of yourself.

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  1. monique Carmona monique Carmona

    This is great Rozine! Such a great “signal” that we are so linked and have so much available to us when we are open and ready… both of which you are. Thank you and more please!

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