Routine Schedules Are Not Mandatory

There’s Nothing Creative About Routine

Do you remember when you were a kid, and anything and everything was possible? Remember how your imagination allowed you to believe that your empty backyard was a house, a war zone, or a fantasy forest? Remember how many things a simple box could be? Remember pillow forts; forts made out of cushions and blankets? Children are able to play and pretend, and escape the trap of time because they are not yet conditioned to routine schedules. Even if parents keep kids on a tight schedule, there are times when children rebel and resist. I have to assume that every child at one point in their lives complains about it being bedtime “already”. We are not born with time being a governing law. We are not born with an inner voice that says, “It’s Monday morning, you must begin your week.” We are gradually conditioned to Monday morning. Time is taught to us.

As children, we were free and flowing. We were not aware of minutes or hours, and in fact, whenever adults told us to wait just 15 minutes, we became confused. We had no instinctual feeling of what 15 minutes represented. How long is that, exactly? Sometimes 15 minutes felt like forever, while at other times, 15 minutes passed by quickly. As children, we cared about the current moment. We were focused on the exact moment that was happening to us right then and there, and future and past moments were unfamiliar to us. Remember how freeing and joyful that was? Why have we lost that? Where is that freedom, and when did we lose contact with the present moment?

Break free from routine schedules and remain focused on the present moment.

"I remain focused on the present moment"

As we grow older, society teaches us about time (mostly indirectly) but conditioning us in a way that tricks our minds into thinking routine is normal and usual. We go to school at a certain time, and each class or period is so many minutes long. We have lunch and recess at the same time, and we go home at exactly the same time every day. We have extra curricular activities on the same days of the week, and things become habitual. We have weekends free.

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The above is an excerpt from “Live Life For A Living” by Lynnette Rozine Prock. This is page 8-9 of 100. Get your hands on your very own copy, here. Or download the illustrated PDF for only $10, here:

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"



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