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Escape The Confines Of Time

Time is very convenient for many things, especially when other people are involved. You can’t ask children to gather for math class “when they feel like it,” and expect all of the students to show up at the same time. There is a time and a place for time. When you can escape the confines of time, you should. When you are free from obligation to large groups of people, you should set yourself free from schedules.

Bosses and managers depend on time, because it requires that all subordinates are at their desks when it is convenient for the job. Teachers need their students to be at the right place and at the right time. Of course, there are jobs where time is, in fact, necessary for efficiency. Factory work needs to be coordinated with the right amount of people in the right place, at the right time. Service jobs like waitressing, transportation and retail also require people to stick to a schedule. However, I don’t know very many dreamers that think, “I can’t wait to waitress for the rest of my life!”

I use my time wisely in order to create meaningful experiences.

I use my time wisely in order to create meaningful experiences.

We’ve all had a boss or manager that somehow seemed to completely take over our lives. If you are young, you can probably relate to this situation like that of having a parent that is pressuring you to get things done the way they want it. No matter what the situation, when under pressure from someone else’s obligation, we are really thinking, “Just leave me alone and let me do what I want.” Why not say this out loud? If doing what you love is really what you want to do, why aren’t you? Really ask yourself this question.

Routines can easily become distractions from your dreams. They can be a coping mechanism that allows you to tell your dreams, “Hey, Dreams-That-Seem-Hard-To-Reach! I can’t pay attention to you because I’m busy working 40 hours a week; going grocery shopping and commuting back and forth between work and my kid’s extracurricular activities.” What would happen if you told your structured schedules “Hey, Distraction-And-Meaningless-Use-Of-Energy (aka Routine)! I have dreams of creativity, happiness and joy. I’m going to do big things for myself and it’s going to help the world be a better place!”? Let’s get you to a place where you recognize how important this second statement is.


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The above is an excerpt from “Live Life For A Living” by Lynnette Rozine Prock. This is page 13-14 of 100. Get your hands on your very own copy, here. Or download the illustrated PDF for only $10, here:

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"



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