Tune Into Your Biological Clock

We All Have A Biological Clock

I want to inspire you to become closer to nature and your natural self. Can you find your internal biological clock? I want to help you remove old beliefs about society, especially in regards to time. I will encourage you to use time to your advantage, instead of as a disadvantage. I can help you utilize time wisely instead of feeling anxious about time (or lack of time).

Personally, I grew up in a home that functioned without clocks. My mom did have one clock on the coffee pot, but that was not for her or for us. The clock told the coffee pot when it should brew coffee, so that when my mom woke up, the coffee would be ready for her. The clock was for the coffee. My mother also had a digital alarm clock in her bedroom, but she always woke up before the alarm went off. These two clocks kept time, but they did not dictate our lives.

Tune into your biological clock.

My instincts always tell me exactly what I need to be happy.

We were raised to listen to and respond to our internal, biological clocks. In other words, we paid attention to our instincts. When we were tired, we went to bed. When we woke up, we got out of bed. When we were hungry, we went to the kitchen. When we were bored, we did something creative. When we felt lazy, we watched TV, and when we felt inspired, we did something productive. If we were full of energy, we did something active. We reacted to our instinctual gut feelings, thoughts and ideas.

I want you to start doing this. I want you to start reacting to your internal gut feelings, your thoughts and your ideas. I want you to become so aware of your own energy that you never need look at a clock or a calendar to determine what’s going to happen next. I want you to pay attention to your body ― your mind, your soul and your heart. Listen to the signals and then answer them.

Don’t intimidate yourself by focusing on that final destination of peace, harmony and enlightenment. Take baby steps. For example: if you’re sitting at the computer for too long and your eyes are starting to strain, get up and walk away. Look at something else. Take a break. Whatever you were doing on the computer will be there when you get back. Notice that your eyes are sending you a message that they are tired. If your house is chaotic from screaming children, loud television, or cranky family members, and you develop a headache from stress, get away from it all for an hour. Take a bath. Go for a walk.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore these prompts from your body telling you to make a change in your environment. Your body will tell you everything you need in order to find peace. Stop ignoring these signals! They are the key to your true happiness. They are the answer you’ve always searched for. They are your instincts and they will always tell you exactly what you need. Isn’t that crazy? The answer has always been within you! You have been telling yourself what you need to be happy your whole life. But were you listening? It takes practice, but I know you can do it.

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The above is an excerpt from “Live Life For A Living” by Lynnette Rozine Prock. This is page 18-20 of 100. Get your hands on your very own copy, here. Or download the illustrated PDF for only $10, here:

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"



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