Learn To Listen To Your Instincts

Instincts Are A Magical Gift Inherent To Us All!

Let’s take a moment to think about an animal’s life. Do animals wake up at 6:00 am because they have to be somewhere by 8:00? Do they think, “Oh, it’s 10:00 pm. That’s my bedtime! I had better go to sleep.” That is silly and absurd. Unlike humans, time truly is irrelevant to animals! They eat when they have food in front of them, go to sleep when they are tired, and birds fly south when it gets cold. Animals are in touch with their biological clock and they listen to their instincts. Their needs are met and animals live a complete and full life without ever knowing what time it is.

Yes, humans are more evolved than animals and yes, time has its benefits, but my suggestion is to break the chains of enslavement to time and schedules. Use time to your advantage by managing your tasks efficiently. Don’t let time use you. Stop letting routines and schedules distract you from your true purpose. Reverse the habit ― instead of checking your watch first, listen to your instincts first. Use time as a guide, but trust that your instincts are telling you exactly what you need in the present moment.

The same philosophy can be applied to holidays. Why give gifts only on birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas? Shouldn’t we give gifts to someone we love when the opportunity is there? Does it make sense that when we see something that we know our coworker or family member would love, we buy it and then hold on to it until an appropriate holiday arrives? Shouldn’t we just stay in the moment and react to what is in our immediate environment?

My instincts are perfect! I allow my inner voice to guide and protect me.

My instincts are perfect! I allow my inner voice to guide and protect me.

This concept is foreign to many people. A lot of people receive comfort from their schedules. A schedule keeps a person busy and organized. A schedule, in a way, gives people a purpose. Imagine if you cleared everything off your calendar. Would you feel free, or would you feel fear and anxiety? Would you feel like you’ve lost your identity and purpose? Let’s learn to keep appointments for organizational purposes. Release yourself from the obligation of doing things that are not in alignment with your dream life.

Tune into your biological clock. Listen to your inner self. When it’s time to create, create. When it’s time to get up and exercise, do just that. If you find comfort in a scheduled lifestyle, create a scheduled lifestyle for yourself. Base it on your needs – not your boss’s needs, not your children’s needs, or your parent’s needs. Do what makes you happy.

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The above is an excerpt from “Live Life For A Living” by Lynnette Rozine Prock. This is page 24-25 of 100. Get your hands on your very own copy, here. Or download the illustrated PDF for only $10, here:

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"



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