My Dreams Matter

Here’s why you should say out loud: My Dreams Matter!

Please know that while I encourage you to break free from society’s standards I am not promoting anarchy, total selfishness or disregard for others. The idea is to stop doing what others expect of you, and to get back in touch with your true being and your true meaning. Create your life for you. Say it out loud to someone near by: “My dreams matter!” Do not settle for complacency or what other’s expect of you. Be nice to people, but don’t make decisions based on what makes other people happy. The people around you will benefit from you being you. Some may be trying to control you, in which case, they are not the kind of people you should have around. We’ll talk about that more later.

What does all of this have to do with making dreams a reality anyway? Present-minded focus and self-awareness strengthens instincts. When you schedule things to happen based on a routine, rather than reacting to moments as they happen, you ignore the instincts that are trying to encourage you to live your life fully and completely. Once you start paying attention to the things around you and the things inside you, you’ll start to fully be able to recognize your dream’s worth. You’ll be able to make decisions and take actions that benefit your dream. You will see signs that may not make sense, but you’ll recognize that these signs will lead you towards your goal, and you’ll be able to consciously act on instinctual notions.

Hey, wait a minute... My Dreams Matter! I know myself, my worth and my dreams. I know me!

Hey, wait a minute... My Dreams Matter! I know myself, my worth and my dreams. I know me!

You will meet resistance. You will find yourself in situations that require you to rebel against society. You may do things that in past circumstances you would not have even considered. You will have to say “no” to people! In your life before the realization that your dreams matter, you might have avoided conflict with your peers and/or superiors. Don’t beat yourself up if this still happens. Instead, pay attention to it. Notice your resistance. After a while, you will grow stronger and more confident about what you know is right for you, versus what other people are telling you is right for you. You may need to get up and walk around the office once every hour to rest your eyes, neck and brain. You might even start to take more time off from work. You may need to tell your family to “chill” for a bit while you clear your mind. Trust me; they’ll get over it―and you’ll be better for it.

I am not implying that you should wreak havoc, destroy relationships, or ruin your career. I don’t encourage anyone to take dramatic actions or make gigantic changes quickly. I am simply asking you to increase your awareness, little by little, about what society dictates versus what your instinctual impulses ask you to do. Soon you will be questioning everything. You’ll notice that you see, hear, feel, taste and smell things that were disguised before. All of a sudden, you’ll notice your body has signals. Your senses will become heightened. You’ll see new beauties. You’ll feel from a far deeper place than ever before. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for paying attention, and you will be rewarded. All of these things that you’ll see, feel, smell and hear have existed before. They were always around you. But you were numb. Once you retrain and awaken your instincts, you’ll see so much joy and beauty that you won’t ever go back to being a zombie.

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The above is an excerpt from “Live Life For A Living” by Lynnette Rozine Prock. This is page 26-29 of 100. Get your hands on your very own copy, here. Or download the illustrated PDF for only $10, here:

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"

Download the illustrated PDF of "Live Life For A Living"



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