Finding Your Dream Home

Are you already living in your dream home?

If you could live anywhere, in any home, where would it be? How would you describe your dream home? Let yourself really go as far into your imagination as possible. Your instincts might encourage you to think about your finances before answering this question. It’s normal to mentally try and combat big dream ideas, because they seem so impossible and hard to reach from our current situation. Don’t allow any restrictions for this exercise.  This is a mental exercise, there is nothing to lose by dreaming big. There is no way you can achieve greatness in any area, if you start the dream with restrictions and limitations.

Forget finances. Someone just handed you twelve billion dollars. Where would you live?

Obviously, no one just handed you twelve billion dollars (but if they did, do tell that story, because I’m sure it’s amazing!). For the purposes of this exercise, for manifesting your dream home, please pretend it’s true that your hands, bank account, and fridge are all full of money. Do you imagine the architecture when you think of your home? Do you see a beach house; or a log cabin in the mountains? You might dream of a penthouse suite, in downtown Manhattan. Do you dream about the the pristine, clean rooms of a mansion, filled with luxurious fine furnishings, and priceless art? Maybe you have four dream homes, one for every season of the year. Why not? Someone just handed you twelve billion dollars.

Positive affirmation about acquiring dream home.

Is your imagination going further than you expected?

Keep the picture of your dream home in your mind for a full minute. Walk through the rooms. Play in the garden. Pull your fancy car into the 7-car garage. With your mind’s eye (your imagination) put your spirit into that dream home. Do this every day until your dream home materializes. If you can find pictures that represent your dream home, put them up at work or at home. Allow these images to replace the clutter in your mind from daily tasks. Remember, someone just gave you twelve billion dollars.

The power behind visualization comes from exercises like this one. With our minds jumping all over the place throughout the day, as well as from day to day, visualizing helps give our minds a clear destination to set our sights on. When we focus our attention on one specific thing, consistently over long periods of time, we’re able to attract that thing (or feeling, or place), into our lives much more quickly and easily.


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