2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions By Making Clear Intentions

New Years Resolutions are all about changing our bad habits into good, right? The most common resolutions deal with health: losing more weight; getting into better shape; quitting smoking; eating better; exercising more. But those tasks are daunting. That’s why they are not already being done. The thing that works against New Year’s Resolutions is a focus on the thousands of steps it will take to get to our goal. We interpret that as hard and it’s easy to give up before we’ve even begun.

What I encourage you to do instead is focus on that end goal that you want to attain. What is that picture of perfect health for you? How does your body feel after months of exercising daily? Having a clear idea of what your goal is helps develop positive habits. By reminding yourself on a daily basis of the feeling of being healthy, fit, and vibrant, you’re better able to make choices that reflect those goals.

Since I’m a visual person, I like to strengthen my imagination with photos and images that reflect my end-goals. I learned about vision boards a few years ago and that seemed to speak intimately to me. Except that I found my first few dream boards were imbalanced. I visualized all these great career advances, but didn’t put any attention to my health or spiritual development. Around this time, I was also studying the energy placements of feng shui. I had an “ah ha” moment and the Feng Shui Vision Board was born.

The idea of feng shui is creating an equal balance of energy in all areas of life in order to experience harmony and balance. There are nine areas of feng shui: legacy; romance; imagination; social interaction; career; knowledge; health; and finance. The ninth area is the center which encompasses all eight areas to create harmony and balance. By focusing equally on each area, we can attain harmony in our lives.

Last year, I helped about a dozen people create their own personalized Feng Shui Vision Board. I am excited to extend that FREE offer this year, too. But don’t get too excited. You actually have to do most of the work. I’m simply going to help with the graphic layout of your Perfect Life Compilation.

Free Feng Shui Vision Board For 2013 New Years Resolutions

What To Do:

You know that feeling you get when you see the perfect pair of shoes; a beautifully decked out sports car; or a perfect day with family and friends? Each image on your vision board should invoke that feeling. Go online to any image search engine (Google; Bing; etc). Search for eight pictures, each from the categories below, that speak to your heart in regards to your biggest dream for 2013.

(top row, center)
How would you represent the lasting impression you want to leave on this planet? My vision board shows innovative thought. I want to encourage people to think outside of their comfort zone. My legacy involves changing the way people think about things. The picture might not say that to you, but it speaks volumes to me, and that’s all that matters.

(top row, right)
How would you visually describe your ideal relationship for 2013? For me, this involves a celebration of the union. The image I’ve chosen creates joy in my heart.

(middle row, right)
What stimulates your creativity and imagination? In traditional feng shui, this area is usually titled “children”. Think innocence and no inhibitions. Children dream big with little resistance. How would you represent this feeling? For my vision board, I’ve chosen an illustration from a coloring book that I am in the process of developing, called Robot World.

(bottom row, right)
Who do you want to be surrounded by in 2013? Who are your heros? Remember this exercise is about dreaming big, so don’t hold back. I have chosen to include a picture of a social event that to me represents a celebration of gathering. I want to see more of that in 2013 and this photo helps me remember the fun I have when surrounded by good people.

(bottom row, center)
Where do you want to be with your career in 2013? Are you looking for a new job? Or a promotion? I selected a photo of my books on display at Handmade Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California. They have been well received there and are selling well. I want to be in thousands more stores like this and this photo helps me imagine that.

(bottom row, left)
Where do you get your source of information from? Okay, a better question is, where would you like to be gaining wisdom from? Hopefully not Facebook and/or Fox News! Then again, who am I to judge? For me, personally, I am in a phase in my life where I am experimenting with gaining knowledge and wisdom from within. I have chosen a picture that depicts spiritual insight, as that is my chosen teacher for 2013.

(center row, left)
What does health mean to you? Is it food only? Or more involved with exercise? What physical activity do you wish to do more of in 2013? Bicycling? Yoga? A totally raw, vegan diet? I’ve recently watched the documentary Vegucated and have developed a new compassion for the humane treatment of animals, which is resulting in an adaptation of a fully vegan diet. The image I’ve chosen depicts nutritious fruits and vegetables. It’s a double-win for me, since my health will also benefit from such a diet.

(top row, left)
What image says “Yay! I made it!”? Is it a house? A stack of money? A fancy car? A closet full of shoes? I’ve been having visions of this beach front home that includes a glass bathroom, allowing me to shower facing the ocean. It’s secluded and private and completely serene.

This one might be the trickiest image to find. If you were completely fulfilled in every area of your life (from the sections above), what would that picture look like? What does harmony mean to you? How would you visually describe balance? Traditionally, this is depicted with a yin-yang, understandably. A yin-yang accurately represents the push and pull of black and white, but in a harmonious, flowing way. Ideally, this photo should be abstract and should not lean towards romance, success, or health (for example). It really needs to represent your whole entirety.

Now What?

You’ve gathered the nine photos above, now what do you do? Change the file name to title the section that it represents (WEALTH :: HEALTH :: KNOWLEDGE :: CAREER :: SOCIAL :: CREATIVITY :: ROMANCE :: LEGACY :: HARMONY). Email them to inspiration@MyDreamsMatter.com and await your FREE 2013 Feng Shui Vision Board.

Then it is your responsibility to visualize on a daily basis, each area on your dream board. Imagine having, owning, and being the things on your vision board. Don’t interrupt yourself with thoughts of “how?” or “when?”. Visualize these things fully and regularly. You should discover that your decisions are affected and before you know it, you’ll experience dreams coming true!

If you have any questions or want some more direction or clarification, just let me know. I’m happy to do what I can to help make your dreams come true! That’s part of my career and legacy goals.

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