A Challenge Presents Opportunity

How To Accept A Challenge With An Open Heart & Mind

A few months ago, a very motivational friend, Monique Carmona and I decided to challenge each other to do really big things before our next birthdays (we are both pisces). One big challenge that Monique presented me with was hosting a book signing with an audience of more than 30 people – who are not my friends. Yikes! I felt confident about organizing an event with my friends there to support me. How could I ever get 30 strangers to come to an event for a self-published author that they’d never heard of? Oh, how I love a good, healthy challenge. But where to begin?

This is where the beauty of the law of attraction comes in. I had no idea “how” I was going to make this challenge come to life. I just knew with all of my heart that it would. And I remained open and flexible to the possibilities and opportunities that the Universe presented to me. At a private get-together in our home one night, I was showing my books to friends. We decided to do an activity from “Quiet The Mind” called “The Five Universal Signs of Life. It’s a personality test that gives insight to the areas of your life where you place the most (and least) amounts of energy.  Two friends that night bought my books after that entertaining exercise. How exciting!

What happened next is the miracle and magic of manifestation. Our friend, Chris, suggested that I speak about my books at an event in Santa Monica held once a month, called FRED Talks. It’s loosely modeled after the bigger, and more well-known TED Talks. Except this event is held in the creator’s home with roughly 200 people scattered throughout the open floor plan of his Living Home. Initially, I gawked at such a notion. Speaking publicly in front of 200 people? But then I remembered the challenge given to me by Monique. I had to do this.

I love the exciting opportunities of wealth and abundance that come my way.

My husband and I attended the December FRED Talk to get a feel for the space and the community. We fell in love with the entire concept, including the place where the event happens, Steve Glenn’s Living Home. We were fascinated to hear at the end of the night that the January event would have a theme of “HAPPINESS”. I mean, could the Universe be any more obvious and direct? I had to speak here! I emailed Steve soon after that event and waited… very patiently. Three days before the event (weeks after my initial email), I received confirmation that I was chosen to be one of the speakers for the January 2nd event. If you live in Los Angeles and can attend this FREE event, simply RSVP here.

Miracles and magic surround me every where I go. Why? Because I invited that energy into my life. I did not let the fear of public speaking stop me. I did not doubt my ability to be successful. I did not worry about what might go wrong. Yes, all of those negative thoughts entered my mind-space. I may have even entertained one or two of them for a brief period. But I did not, and will not let any of them be stronger than the thrill of being able to share my gifts and talents. I believe in myself strongly. I visualize the potential that may come from this one event. I am excited about unforeseen opportunities that will come from this good, healthy challenge.

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