Be Flexible About Your Dreams

Remain Flexible When Faced With Obstacles

Back in college, oh so many years ago, I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I loved the idea of drawing for a living, something new each day, while connecting with a variety of interesting people. I was deterred from getting my own tattoo due to commitment issues. I could not decide what ink I would want on my body “forever”. The permanence of tattoos admittedly freaked me out a little bit – not on others, just for myself. I have always admired those bold enough to commit to tattooing themselves. As a free-spirited artist, I knew that being flexible and carefree were good traits to embody. But as a tattoo-artist, these were maybe not such good characteristics.

Flexible Tattoo Options with HennaWhen I was 18, I imagined my dream tattoo, on my upper, outer thigh. I am a pisces, and I wanted two fish chasing each other in a circle around a stone yin-yang. I could see water splashing dramatically around and behind the central image. I was also in love with a mermaid design that I found in a tattoo magazine. She had an intense stare and held her arms up in a V shape above her head. I pictured the piscean fish swirling above her, in between her feminine limbs.

Admittedly, I am not one to commit to things without lengthy analyzation. So, at the young age of 18, when I originally fell in love with the mermaid pisces tattoo, I challenged myself to wait ten years before taking action. If, when I turned 28, I still wanted the same image on my thigh, I promised myself that very gift. Well, it turns out, I did not, in fact, want the same tattoo. Even today, I love the idea of the fish swimming endlessly in a circle around a balanced yin-yang. But, I’ve lost interest in the mermaid. And I’m not sure about the placement anymore. I think it might look better on my shoulder. Or painted on a canvas, hanging on the wall. I’ve accepted the fact that I welcome change and uncertainty, of which, tattoos are neither.

Why am I sharing this today? Well, this story is an example of how wishes and dreams come true in ways that maybe we aren’t open to seeing initially. I never pursued being a tattoo artist, because I thought no one would want to get a tattoo from someone without any ink. But the desire and dream never faded.  About four or five years ago, I discovered henna, which is a plant that, when applied in paste form, stains the top few layers of skin for one or two weeks. It has not only given me the opportunity to tattoo myself, but it I have been generating income as a henna tattoo artist for over a year now! I can test out different designs in multiple locations and not worry about a life-long permanence.

Cool Henna Tattoos by Rozine

Rozine surrounded by kids waiting to be tattooed temporarily with henna.

Because I take pride in remaining flexible, I was able to manifest a dream of being a tattoo artist by eliminating that which was deterring me: permanence. Now you can find me every Thursday at D & S Handcrafted Gifts, drawing something new each time, while connecting with a variety of interesting people. I attend festivals, art walks, and events as a tattoo artist, something I could not say had I maintained a rigid way of thinking.

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