Just Keep Going On

Eric Bibb says it best “Just Keep Going On”

Life is unpredictable at times and even the most organized person can get distracted from the unexpected. Sometimes these interruptions are pleasant, like a friend visiting from out of town for a weekend; or last-minute, free tickets to a concert or show. When order and routine is disrupted by things we want to do, there appears to be zero conflict and the decision to move forward is obvious. But, how does someone “just keep going on” when life throws an unwanted curve ball?

Mr. Bibb has some really great advice in this song. He says, “Take every knock as a boost and every stumbling block as a stepping stone. Lift up your head. Hold your own. Just keep going on…” For an optimist, this is easy. A positive thinking person can and will see the good that is trying to express in every single situation. Even in events like car accidents, loss of material possessions, or an end to a relationship. But thinking positively won’t erase a problem. One must hold their head high while taking action that promotes growth and movement.

A break-up; a car accident; a loss of something meaningful can be a boost when viewed as an blessing in disguise. When terrible things happen, ask yourself “What can I learn from this experience?” or “What is one good thing coming out of this negative event?” Stay focused on that answer and see your unwanted hurtle as a stepping stone leading you to something bigger and better. Lift your head up and move forward. Dwelling on the pain, sadness, or unfair treatment will only perpetuate the issue by keeping it in your immediate presence.

• Lift Up Your Head
• Hold Your Own
• Just Keep Going On

Imagine you’re walking down the sidewalk enjoying the afternoon. With no warning, the sprinklers turn on right in the area where you are gently strolling. Do you stand still and focus on how there was no alert to warn you to move? Would you throw a tantrum and complain about how unfair it is that you’re now completely wet from head to toe? Do you visualize and pray for protection from the water, without ever moving your feet? Do you look back and forth, confused on which way to go? Not unless your intention was to play in the sprinklers! One must just keep going on to escape the drops of water spraying their once dry clothes.

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