Problems In The World Have Answers

How Can We Solve All Of The Problems In The World?

Okay. That really seems like a loaded question. How can we solve all of the problems in the world? What if I told you that it is easier than we might think? And, I don’t even really have to get into the variety or amount of problems in the world. The answer for every single issue is simple: look towards the abundance. The answer can be found in the plentitude. Wait? What? But aren’t some of the biggest problems in the world focused on a lack? A deficiency of money, food, health or knowledge? Take a minute and a half to watch this video that was featured on Pay close attention to how the answer comes from “what is” and not “what is missing”.

Lima, Peru, which boasts almost 9 million people, was built on a desert coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The water supply is not easily accessible and has been known to be polluted. Precipitation is rare, erasing hope of catching rainwater for drinking or cooking. Focusing on these negatives, I see no clear solution to one of the biggest problems in the world: clean, safe, and accessible drinking water for a metropolis in the desert.

What Lima, Peru does have is a high humidity rate, year round. Humidity means moisture, which gathered in large quantities, can, as we see in the video, become a reliable source of drinking water. The solution to this difficulty comes from directing attention towards the “is” instead of the “is not”. Somewhere along the way of creating this reverse-osmosis process, someone asked the question “Where is water?”  There is water in the air. There is not safe water in the wells. There is not water in a desert. There is not enough rain. There is water in the atmosphere, in the form of humidity. The answer is in the prosperity.

If we all practiced aiming our attention towards the “haves” instead of the “have nots” we might find ourselves in a more peaceful, harmonious world. It’s not always the convenient path. It’s much easier to give up than to problem solve.  It took a clever mind to see that humidity could answer one of the biggest problems in the world.

Here’s how the pessimist would respond:
“Forget it. It’s a waste of time. There’s no solution. The truth is that Lima doesn’t and won’t ever have good drinking water.”

Compared to the positive visionary:
“I know there’s a way, somewhere and somehow. When found, it will save lives and increase the standard of living for millions of residents. How exciting to be the innovator of a new discovery. I can’t wait to get started on solving all of the problems in the world by focusing on what is available. My clever mind will expose the solution.”

Which will you choose today? Will you dare to take the side of “yes!”?

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