Expanding Horizons

Learn how taking risks and expanding horizons can help manifest all dreams come true.

Take a deep breath in and let it completely fill your lungs. Allow the fresh oxygen within you to reach your heart space before exhaling and letting go. Now, imagine a place that you want to be in your life; or a thing you’d like to have; or people who you would like to bring into your life. Think of something that you fear is unattainable. It could be a status of health, wealth, or prosperity. It probably feels really big and far from reach. Allow that feeling for a minute, but be prepared as I take you on a journey of expanded horizons.

Expanding Horizons by breathing healing energy in


Visualize having the thing, being at the place, or knowing the person that you’d like to attract into your life. Really utilize your imagination and pretend that it is already in the forefront of your life. You can feel it, smell him, see beautiful sights. Give yourself permission – we’re just playing pretend anyway, so do not allow fears in to this little game. Relax and let go of the anxiety and tension that holds you back.

Expanding Horizons by breathing healing energy inNow, come back to the here and now. Remind yourself of that person, place, or thing that you desire. You’re awake now and the fears may have come back, but you’ve seen yourself fully with all-dreams-come-true – proof that it is possible.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. ~Albert Einstein

You may have been taught that your dreams can’t come true, or that you’re not enough. But I promise you, dreams do come true and you have it in you to succeed! No matter what your circumstances or situation is. The key comes from belief and playing the game of visualization. Here’s a personal example of a fear I recently challenged, overcame, and attained a preferable outcome.

About two weeks ago, I saw a friend on Facebook “like” a status from an event production company about a wedding expo they were coordinating. This same friend had at one time, about two years ago, encouraged me to market my art to brides and bridal event planners. I did nothing for two years, mostly due to fear of “not being good enough” – which by the way, was a lie I was telling myself.

Cool Henna by Rozine Bridal Expo Downtown LA Convention Center

Click this photo to visit Rozine’s Cool Henna website!

The event production company had a few booths left for their bridal expo. I admittedly got excited thinking about promoting myself as a henna tattoo artist to brides-to-be. I emailed the coordinator, asked a few questions about booth rental and schematics for the show. While waiting for her reply, fears raced through my mind about not having enough funds to pay for the space; not having enough marketing material to professionally promote myself; and not having enough time to prepare. After all, it was very last minute.

Long story, shortened… I secured the booth space (which was more affordable than I had initially thought). I designed and ordered business cards, price sheets, and a vinyl banner (all of which were ready in plenty of time for the show). I even hired a model to attend the event with me. She was one of my featured “inspirational interviews“. Jump over and check her story out!

Everything came together, despite my uncomfortable anxiety about not having enough (time, money, experience, etc). My booth was very well received with many brides being inspired to include henna at their bridal shower and/or wedding. I gave over four dozen complimentary henna tattoos, each with a smile of awe and appreciation from the recipient.

Challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone helped in expanding horizons. I took a step towards a dream and watched it come true in front of my eyes. All of the imagined disasters I thought could happen, didn’t! None of the fears manifested, while all of the visualizations I had of success did come into fruition. Whenever fears crossed my mind, I practiced visualizing the best case scenario. Each time a fear entered, I wiped it out with a “what if” from the opposite end of the spectrum.

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