Expansion Leads To More Abundance

An Expansion Takes Place When Forward Action Is Taken

In a town called Anywhere, USA, lives a farmer named Jack. He has big dreams of expansion, providing his neighbors with delicious apples on a daily basis. He envisions having an abundance of fruit, allowing him to provide apples to every person in the world. It’s a big dream, and Jack has a huge obstacle in front of him: he only has one seed.

Here, we find Jack at a crossroad. He can either throw away the seed, giving up on his aspirations, or he can plant the seed and take the first step towards manifesting prosperity. One tree will provide dozens of apples, each of which will have a handful of seeds. Each seed can be planted and grown into another tree, slowly creating the orchard of Jack’s fantasy.

While looking at Jack’s life, we can see clearly that if he wants to reach his goal, he must take action. He has to believe in the possibility. It’s his duty to commit to the decision of forward action. Even after the seed is planted, he needs to nurture and monitor its progress; feeding and watering the seedling regularly. After the sprout has grown into a tree, the branches will need trimming and pruning. The truth is, Jack’s dream will take a long time, a lot of effort, and serious dedication. It will most likely require a lifetime of devotion.

My life is mine to create quote about expansion of creation

One small seed in my personal apple-orchard-dream is reaching out to boutiques, inquiring about having my books for sale at their locations. It’s a tedious process of research, making sure the stores compliment my message of “living the life of all-dreams-come-true”. I face rejection sometimes when a store I really believed was a good fit, declines my invitation. I invest money in dozens of books, not knowing if they will find a home. But it’s the responsibility I have to my goals. I need to take forward action. My expansion leads to abundance.

Book expansion includes boutique MindfulNest in Burbank and Santa Monica

Book display in MindfulNest on Magnolia in Burbank

And, it’s not just a selfish prosperity that manifests after a seed has been planted. My books are all about individuals developing self-awareness in order to be their highest, best selves. When I increase the number of stores that my books are sold in, more people have access to the inspiration contained within them. It becomes a win-win-win. The stores sell my books, increasing their profit; I share my message, spreading my light; readers develop self-awareness, unearthing their true nature.

The current locations for Live Life For A Living, Quiet The Mind, and My Dreams Matter and “Mandala Meditation” are MindfulNest in Santa Monica and Burbank, and Boulevard 34 in Glendale, California.

Now, it’s your turn to look within. Be completely honest with yourself and ask these simple questions:

 • Where do you recognize a dream-seed that could be planted today, in order to take you a step closer to reaching your goals?

 • Have you noticed when you’ve thrown a seed aside, thinking the dream was too big?

 • Did you plant a seed, but then walk away, forgetting to water, weed, and nurture the sprout?

 • Are you on the path to the orchard of your dreams?

Get on the path of action; commit to your dream; and allow expansion to lead to more abundance than you could ever imagine.

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