Participation is Mandatory

Participation Is Mandatory

participation is necessary for dreams come true

Bare with me as we pick at the part of us that procrastinates during down time, instead of being productive. I think we may mistakenly interpret relaxing as not doing anything significant. But what if we were to engage in something relevant to our goals and dreams as a means to unwinding?

Start by catching yourself wasting time. Ask yourself:

Is this the best use of my time & energy?

Would you consider trading Facebook or television time for that one craft project or business venture you always wanted to take on? Instead of watching a show on TV that you only sort of like, why not tune into a documentary of someone you admire. It’s still a relaxing task, yet it stirs up inspiration and motivation.

Try to commit to an hour (or a task) per day and see how much you can get accomplished in just one week! Make your hobby the distraction you’re obsessed with. Do not focus on analyzing the extent of a result. Don’t pay attention to wanting to manipulate the outcome. Watch those thoughts float past you and dissipate. Simply keep building your dream.

Every little bit helps, even the actions that will one day be discarded. Mistakes happen. If you allow, they may become the greatest blessings in disguise, offering more clarity and joy than you could ever have imagined.

There are no excuses for settling for mediocrity. You might think you have a thousand (really good) reasons why your dreams can’t come true. I am here to challenge that false rationalization.

Here are examples of successful people who overcame limitations by taking forward action:

Jim Carrey: dropped out of high school to support his homeless family; now one of the best comedic actors
Oprah Winfrey:  horrible childhood filled with poverty and abuse; now worth $2.9 billion & is a household name
Stephen Hawking: cannot speak or move w/o a computerized wheelchair; is a renowned astrophysicist
Bethany Hamilton: won first place surfing in a national championship, two years after losing her arm to a shark
Steven Spielberg: was rejected from his choice of film school (USC), not once, but twice

Positive affirmation about fear and courage.

The majority of people in the world did not know these celebrities when they were experiencing dark moments. Aside from obvious physical limitations, most people are not aware that successful people endure hardship.

What it looks like is that celebrities show up already popular, rich, charismatic, and fortunate. Most women with Oprah’s upbringing re-live the cycle, remaining in poverty and abusive relationships for most, if not all of their lives. Successful people look obstacles straight in the face and exclaim:

“I am worth this dream of mine!  I deserve to experience my desires!”

Every. single. human. being. has a dream lifestyle that they wish would come true. Follow that passion within you. Unbury it from the layers of resistance and repression built up from people saying you can’t or shouldn’t. So now, imagine… it’s several months down the road … your life is filled with more of the things you enjoy doing — because you made the decision to stop feeling sorry for the situation you’re in. True commitment will always lead to results. Always. Doing nothing creates no thing. It can not be stated any more clearly. Your participation is mandatory for the creation of your wildest dreams. Jump, get that!

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