Enjoy Life by Engaging in Exciting Activities!

Are you ready to enjoy life?

Do you feel obligated to act like a grown-up all of the time? Are you embarrassed to be silly in public? Does life really have to be so serious?

• RELEASE the obligation to please others
• DO THINGS that make you happy!

Children’s imaginations soar because inhibition has a lot to do with being playful. When I’m in need of an energy boost, I like to swing at the park, with a huge grin on my face. I probably look silly to other adults around me, but I have soooo much fun! Afterwards, I find my creativity is heightened.

enjoy life be playful orange chakra

Which of these playful suggestions interest you?

• Ride a bike no handed
• Go roller skating
• Climb a tree
• Swing at the park
• Dive into a swimming pool
• Jump on a trampoline
• Run around the neighborhood
• Skip down the street
• Play with kids
• Tell a bedtime story
• Take a dance break
• Do a paper craft
• Create an elaborate treasure hunt
• Act out a scene from your favorite movie or play

What else do you enjoy doing for fun? Share your thoughts and ideas on Twitter or Facebook.

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