Our Bodies Take Care of Us Without Our Asking To Do So

Take Care Of Yourself To Increase Longevity

Do you believe that it is in our power to look and feel young, no matter what age? How can we help take care of our bodies in order to feel more vibrant and alive?

• EXERCISE regularly
• EAT HEALTHY natural foods

take care of body for longevity affirmation

Let’s look at it like this… cars need regular maintenance in order to run at tip top shape. If a driver allows the oil to run low enough, or if (s)he uses low quality products, the vehicle eventually starts to suffer. Before long, parts need servicing or replacing and the mechanic’s bill is quite high. By respecting the piece of transportation with regular care, the owner can expect many years of service, with very little time and money spent in the shop.

Our bodies react in the same way. When we care for ourselves, we feel vivacious and youthful. After long periods of being bogged down by stress or a poor diet, we feel old and tired. Exercising and eating right have long been the answer to finding the Fountain of Youth.

Which of these exercises motivate you to take care of yourself?
• Walking
• Bicycling
• Running
• Aerobics
• Yoga
• Swimming
• P90X
• Dancing
• Martial Arts

What other activities do you enjoy? Share your thoughts and ideas on Twitter or Facebook.

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