Your Dream Lifestyle Needs Attention

Are you doing things that accurately reflect your dream lifestyle? Or, are you distracting yourself with activities that simply pass the time? Try to be honest and objective when answering these questions.

A Dream Lifestyle Materializes After You Take Deliberate Action

I think we would agree that a garden left untended would soon fill with weeds or dying plants. Gardeners are proud of a gorgeous garden because of the amount of attention and effort needed to get positive results. Dream lifestyles require the same focused motivation in order to materialize.

Affirmation How To Attract Dream Lifestyle

Think about how a garden is created. First, an area of land is decided upon. Grass and other plants are removed and the land is tilled. Plants are chosen and laid out to fill the space. After the vegetation is planted, the gardener must take care of the garden by watering, weeding and pruning. It is an on-going process that offers enjoyment to the gardener as well as people passing by.

Your dream lifestyle can be broken down into tangible steps, too.


  • Define your dream lifestyle.



Need more help with this? Read my inspirational guide Live Life For A Living


  • Remove all fears, doubts, and worry.



Do this through meditation, affirmations, and simply by talking it out with friends.


  • Create a To Do list that accurately reflects steps you can take to create your dream lifestyle.



List big and little steps that you can take. Make sure you are reasonable and progressive at the same time.


  • Hold yourself accountable.



Make up a reward and punishment system that is personally motivating. Really catch yourself in the moment of slacking off. Be playful and strict at the same time. Like, maybe make a rule that you can only check your social media after your dream lifestyle task list is complete for the day.

Don’t fall into feeling sorry for yourself if you miss an action. Forgive yourself. Recognize that you are learning a new behavior. Use the disappointment to motivate your next actions. Sometimes gardeners pick plants that don’t do well in the sun, and they end up replanting something better suited for the space. Allow the creation of your dream lifestyle to be an enjoyable exercise. You’ll notice new growth after 7-10 days of consistent practice. Depending on the seeds you plant, you may notice sprouts even sooner than that.

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