Pursue Passion, Live Your Dreams

If You Pursue Passion, Your Dream Can Come True

It may seem obvious & silly to affirm
“My skills and talents are uniquely my own!”

But dig deeper… are you truly honoring the gifts that are within you?

Maybe you have an idea for an invention that you believe is brilliant, but you think that no one would ever support your efforts. Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a writer (actor, musician, the president, etc), but you’re afraid that it would be too difficult to achieve.

What if… for the sake of imagining… those dreams to be someone and do something, is the defining reason why you manifested life as a human being on this planet?

pursue dreams Positive affirmation to encourage following dreams

Yes… goals can be scary and difficult to accomplish. In my opinion, that is no reason not to pursue passion.

Start at the beginning. Resolve to take baby steps towards your dreams with the realization that the more actions you take, the closer you will be to your destination. Repeat affirmations on a regular and consistent basis to build confidence in yourself. Dreams become less fantastical and more realistic after you realize the fear is false. Dreams come true for people who pursue passion. Find someone who has already accomplished what you are setting out to do. Allow them to mentor you from afar. Or, reach out to see if they would be willing to share advice with you.

Draft a plan that outlines daily actions you can take that reflect your desired lifestyle. Make lots of lists, doodles, outlines, and drafts of ideas. Allow yourself the freedom to revisit and rearrange tasks as time passes and things unfold. Start with the destination and then track backwards, listing all of the steps needed to get you there. You may be surprised to discover that when you pursue passion, magic unexpectedly contributes to your efforts, making things easier and more joyful.

Celebrate movement by recording activity in a gratitude journal. Actions may be overlooked and unrecognized by others. Instead of contributing to that frustration, pat yourself on the back by writing down how AWESOME you are, now that you pursue passion. Hold yourself accountable and watch your dreams unfold!

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