To Attract Abundance, Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude Throughout the day to Attract Abundance

Do you attract abundance? Or do you feel as though you are lacking the people, places or things needed to be happy, healthy, and wise? It can feel like life is out to get you, when that is being recognized. Be the leader of your thoughts and shift your awareness to all that is wonderful and magnificent in your life.

Maybe you are already fully aware of the amount of amazing, beautiful gifts that surround you every day. By doing this, you surely see how magical the world is. An optimistic mindset makes for a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Gratitude is one way to attract more abundance into your life. Create a new reality whenever things seem to be unfavorable, simply by turning your attention towards whatever is right and well in the situation.

Practice Gratitude Attract Abundance Luxury Wealth Money Affirmations

For example, sometimes when I look in the fridge or pantry, I see ingredients that are used to make meals. Because I am looking at these items individually and separate from the finished dish, it appears to me as though there is nothing to eat. BUT, if I redirect my focus to gratitude for the multitude of options available in front of me, I instantly have exciting options to choose from. Nothing changed outside of my perspective, and doing so attracted abundance.

Which of these items exist in your life?

  • Grocery Stores
  • Running Water (hot and cold)
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Libraries & Internet Access
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Modern Communication Devices
  • Transportation Vehicles

In a gratitude journal, describe all of the luxuries and conveniences you experienced today. Can you see how easy it is to invite abundance after adjusting perspective towards gratitude?

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