The Importance of a Success Team

Are friends and family holding you back… or supporting your dreams?

During my childhood, I had very little support from the family members in my broken home. I learned early on to survive by fending for myself. Throughout my teenage and young adult years, I found myself surrounded by self-destructive people who had low self-esteem. Even if I knew what a success team was, I wouldn’t have believed it could be for me.

Wanting more from life than what my current circle of friends could offer, I attempted to create a new paradigm for myself. I discovered that support and help does exist — when I motivate and make time for others. Imagine that! Now, I find myself surrounded by inspiring, helpful people who are excited to be part of my success team because I, in turn, help them succeed. Of course, I didn’t come to this conclusion over night.

Success Team Interactions with mentors supportive friends and family

Who Is On Your Success Team?

I have had to make many difficult decisions regarding who is on my success team. Some people may not understand how disconnected I am from my biological family.  Some family members have caused me more pain than prosperity. I have forgiven them, and I love their souls beyond even my own mental understanding… but when it comes to building a success team, some of them have not made the cut.

Friends have also faded from my life as our interactions were pulling me down instead of lifting me up. This is not to say that decisions were made easily, out of spite, or even from a place of disappointment. I have to make choices that reflect a love for myself in order to get positive results. It is not up to me to stay small for the benefit of others. When I succeed, everybody wins.

“You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.”

Here are some quick tips to get you started on building your very own success team:

  • Interview someone who inspires you. Ask about their support system.
  • Ask people you admire to be part of your success team.
  • Be objective and selective about who you interact with on a daily basis.
  • Release any obligation to people who cause you stress and/or anxiety.
  • Be part of someone else’s success by helping them reach their goals.
  • Create a team environment that others want to be a part of.
  • Following inspirational people on Facebook and Twitter.

Can you hold yourself accountable to interacting more with supportive and inspiring people? You may be surprised at how much you will grow after interacting more with people who encourage you to pursue your dreams.

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