Express Yourself Fully and Honestly

Are you shy to express yourself honestly around others? I get it, being judged doesn’t feel good, especially when it’s someone you love and care about. I for one, am ridiculously afraid to sing karaoke in public, yet amongst close friends and family, I have no problem belting out my favorite song lyrics.


What’s the big deal? I know that I enjoy singing. Can you imagine what I might experience if I let go of my insecurity? If you’ve ever engaged in karaoke, you would probably tell me that I should just do it, because it’s so much fun! You’re right. I am sure that the first initial attempt at singing in public will have me sweating bullets and full of stage freight anxiety. I’m also confident that after I get past this uncomfortable stage, I will loosen up and have lots of fun.


So… What’s not to like about you, just the way you are (or the way you want to be)? What things are you hesitant to do solely because someone might laugh or look at you funny? Imagine how powerful you can be by being unapologetically yourself. My courage inspires you, right? You can motivate others to loosen up, too.

Express yourself fully and unapologetically

Let’s take this concept to the next level by looking at habits and routines you live with on a daily basis. Are you tired of putting on make up every day, but do it anyway because that is what others expect of you? Are you working at a job that leaves you feeling empty, because of the pressure put on you by friends and family?


Sweetheart, life is too short! You don’t have to be locked into a boring lifestyle that you don’t enjoy. Explore alternative options and discover what you like! You deserve to have fun and live a life you love!

Be True To Who You Really Are and Express Yourself Fully


One way to start making a shift from “what they want” to “what you want” is to engage in a new activity outside of your comfort zone. Below are some ways to express yourself in a new way. Which reflect things you’ve always secretly wanted to do, but were afraid to try due to judgment from others? These are the activities begging to express through you. I dare you to try just one.


  • Salsa Dancing
  • Karaoke
  • Start own business
  • Move to warmer climate
  • Travel overseas
  • Stop wearing makeup
  • Try stand-up comedy
  • Write a book
  • Get a tattoo
  • Learn a new langauge


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