Dream Job Hunting? Find Out How To Find It

Are You Taking Steps Towards Making A Living Doing Your Dream Job?

I didn’t always know what my dream job was, although for a decade one thing was clear: I wanted to work from home, doing things that I enjoy. Ten years ago, working from home meant stuffing envelopes, manufacturing small toys, or transcribing paperwork for busy offices.

Dream Job At Zazzle

Eventually, I discovered a dream job that utilizes my Commercial Art degree. Zazzle is an online platform selling customizable designs on quality products, like wedding invitations, t-shirts, fabric, and cell phone cases (to name a few, from literally hundreds of customizable gifts). I fell in love with print on-demand royalty checks, which I have been collecting monthly from Zazzle since December, 2010!

Then in 2012, my authorship began. I spent a considerable amount of time coaching friends on how they, too, could make a living doing what they love, by simply finding their own “Zazzle”.  A dear friend suggested that I write a book filled with advice and encouragement focused on pursuing an unconventional career. It sounded like a reasonable suggestion, and allowed another opportunity to make residual income from a print on-demand product.

I had zero experience writing books and knew nothing about publishing or self-publishing. I could have very easily given up in that exact moment, afraid to move forward, frustrated by ignorance. (Excuses! Excuses!) Instead, I chose to follow through with my intentions.

I did a little bit every day. Some days I researched or developed my social media platforms. Other days I wrote or edited. Every day, I did something, anything, that was in alignment with my goals. I kept my eye on the prize, but focused my attention on the present moment. Eventually, I finished “Live Life For A Living“, listed it for sale on Amazon.com and now, three more books in the mix, I enjoy another source of monthly residual income.

Dream Job is to make a living doing what I love

How Can We Get You Into Your Dream Job?

Write down whatever comes to mind when you envision your dream job.

  • Where do you work?
  • Who are your coworkers?
  • How do you contribute to society as a whole?
  • Why do you love to work at your dream job?
  • What industry do you work in?

Now, brainstorm all of things you can do right now to get you closer to that place. Accept that your dream job may not materialize overnight (although it could). Realize that a dream job is built, step by step. Make a list of the actions you can take in order to get you closer to your dream job.

Do you need to go to school? Can you dedicate an hour per day to writing that novel? Will you make an effort to start collecting materials needed for that invention you’ve been dreaming of? How can you start reaching out to others for mentorship, advice, or support?

Here Is The Ultimate Secret To Securing Your Dream Job:

Hold yourself accountable to taking ONE action every day. DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY! That’s truly it. Securing your dream lifestyle is as easy (or difficult) as you make it. Follow through with your intentions. Believe in the ability to make a living doing whatever you love.

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