Erase Fear With Gratitude For What Is Good

In 2011, I was visiting my husband’s family in Egypt. Our comfortable stay at a five-star hotel in Alexandria quickly turned into a nightmare upon our arrival back to Cairo. That day, January 25th is infamous as the birth of the Egyptian Revolution. Internet and cell phone coverage ceased. Civilians policed the streets with machetes and unconventional weapons. Machine gun rounds woke me nightly at three in the morning. We were trapped in Ayman’s parents home with no sense of security or stability. There seemed to be no logical way to erase fear from this situation.


Yet, I found myself thankful for being with people whom I love. We had food and water with no real need to go outside. There were beds to sleep on, clothes to wear. Some of the gaming apps on my phone worked without an internet connection, allowing for a healthy distraction from the bleak reality of the situation.


That experience will forever evoke two things from me:

  • Terror
  • Wonder

Terror is a heightened sense of fear felt when external circumstances beyond our control threaten us. What could I have done about the revolution? It wasn’t safe to flee the country. I couldn’t gently ask the government to comply with the citizen’s request. Nor could I ask the Egyptian people to continue to put with tyranny. I wanted to sit in a corner, crying and hiding until it was all over. But, even that choice would not bring peace.


Gratitude and wonder saved my life that week in Cairo during the Egyptian Revolution. During every moment, I choose to direct my attention towards that which is great and divine. I found joy in the rug which lay on top of tile floors. I discovered love in my mother-in-laws eyes. I spoke of blessings and hope for the country’s future. This brought me peace amidst the chaos.

gratitude erase fear attract abundance

Have you tried counting blessings in order to erase fear and attract more abundance and wealth into your life?


What are you waiting for? Set an intention to focus only on what is good for just one day. No complaints, judgments, or negative statements allowed. Each time you relapse into old thoughts and speech patterns, readjust and simply try again.


You might actually be holding yourself back by focusing on the fear more than the gifts. Once choices are centered around noticing all of the wonderful parts of life, you will see that you are always, always, always surrounded by abundance. Gifts will show up. Helpful people will magically appear. Turn things around and see only the blessings.

    Try moving throughout the day w/ gratitude. Say thank you for

  • food, groceries, grocery stores, farmers, pots & pans
  • water, water heaters, plumbing, plumbers, waste management
  • electricity, light switches, wall outlets, power cables, batteries
  • cell phones, computers, televisions, factories, engineers
  • cars, buses, planes, trains, semi-trucks, delivery drivers
  • friends, family members, coworkers, clerks & attendants
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