Communicate Effectively with Grace and Ease

8 Ways to Communicate Effectively

Have you ever wondered how you would communicate effectively without words or language? Whether human or reptile, I imagine living creatures have always found a way to communicate somewhat effectively. To me, successful communication depends on two factors: giving and receiving … or rather. Like the push-and-pull of a yin yang, communication can be effective, by creating a harmonious flow between listening and speaking.
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Here are 8 Ways to Communicate Effectively


Whenever someone is speaking to you, whether you agree with what they are saying or not, find something about the conversation that you are thankful for. After mindfully listening, express your gratitude for the other person’s opinion.


Think about how a teeter-totter rocks back and forth at a playground. One side goes up, while the other descends. When one is up (or down) for too long, the activity is less interesting. Keep a conversation going by switching back and forth between listening, talking and asking questions.


It’s an old cliche, to speak pleasantries, or nothing at all, but there is a good amount of value in this sentiment. There may be necessity in expressing negative thoughts and emotions. But… Try not to stay there too long. Get it out and move on to another perspective that offers hope, excitement, or charm.


Not sure what to say, or are you uncomfortable talking about yourself in social situations? Ask questions, encouraging other people to talk about themselves, and take a break from the spotlight, while still engaging in the conversation.


The highest compliment you can give someone who is talking, is your full attention. To communicate more effectively, engage in über listening skills. Pay close attention to how well you can listen. Make eye contact and offer thoughts and suggestions that are relevant to what the other person is talking about.


Don’t be shy about expressing exactly how you feel while communicating. As adults, we have learned when to appropriately tone down extreme emotions. That doesn’t mean we always have to be serious and straight forward. Make a point to talk theatrically every once in a while. Sing a message to a friend. Text only in emojis.


Say nice things to whomever you’re talking to. Compliment a cashier’s pleasant demeanor. Listen to your coworker at the water cooler. Pay attention to the neighbor who is having a bad day. Give yourself permission to not be affected by anyone else’s mood.


Active listening and compassionate speaking can only lead to more love! Strong relationships are based on support, comfort, and trust. Communicate effectively by honoring the connections you have established with other people.

What tips & bits of advice do you have about communicating more effectively?


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