Natalie Vartanian Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Natalie Vartanian, ACC, CPCC is a tarot reader, certified life coach, sex, love & relationship expert, teacher, writer, dancer and modern day gypsy! Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks toward their most fun, free, love and adventure-filled lives — in and out of the bedroom. Her work has been featured in, Good Men Project, Your Life Your Way, Cupid’s Pulse and YourTango.

Natalie Vartanian Exclusive Interview

Inspirational Interview with Natalie Vartanian

What people, places or things motivated you to make your dreams come true?

What motivated me was definitely my friends. Time and time again they would point out the things I am good at and love to do and pushed me in that direction. The other motivator for me was connecting to my WHY. For me it is always the desire to be of service, to really help heal and inspire others (through whatever medium is available).

The second piece of that is FREEDOM!! I want to be able to set my schedule, travel whenever and wherever I want and work as little or as many hours as I want.


What struggles did you encounter in order to become successful doing what you love?

There were many times I had to get a ‘bridge’ job in order to make money a non-issue. As an entrepreneur or someone following their dreams things are way less predictable and consistent. That is also part of the excitement. You can create things that would not be possible were you locked in and safe in your box.

I have had a few business partnerships that took a toll, financial meltdowns and a few crisis of identity (where I forgot who I was and/or why I was even doing what I was doing). When you don’t have a road map, it is way easier to get side tracked or feel lost … again the exciting part and the scary part since you are blazing your own trail where there may not have been one before.

Natalie Vartanian Tarot Reader Life Coach

How long did it take you to get to where you are now?

It’s been a pretty lengthy and ongoing journey. I felt like every year was a step closer in this direction. The more energy I put into it, the faster it would appear or present itself. I did consulting for almost 10 years before doing it remotely which was a big step in the direction of location independent.

Once I found life coaching, it fed my desire to help others as well as work remotely. It was two years from when I first discovered coaching (by being in a Leadership Program) to when I enrolled in a training and certification program. Life has been an amazing adventure since I first stepped foot in coaching school.

Coming on 5 years and it’s been a wild and crazy and amazing adventure that I would not trade for anything. Things have definitely morphed as I have gotten clearer and clearer on exactly HOW I want to serve and create change, but the best part is staying flexible and feeling that freedom and absolute LOVE for what I do on a daily basis.


How did you deal with fear, doubt and worry?

Well – the first part of that answer is that fear, doubt and worry will always be present. Embracing that is the first way to deal with it. It will never go away, because every time you up your game or go to the next level or start to travel in uncharted territory your gremlins are going to come up.

The other piece here is not to fight your fear, doubt and worry … realize they are just trying to keep you safe, they think they are protecting you. You simply feel it (again don’t fight it), say thank you and continue to be IN ACTION. That is the best antidote … keep moving! Even if it is one baby step, action creates confidence.
Natalie Vartanian Sex Love Relationship Expert
Who or what inspires you to stay motivated?

To piggy back on the first question – my friends helped to not only initially motivate me but to keep me motivated. It helps to surround yourself with other people living and/or pursuing their dreams. You can keep each other going when times get tough.

Vision Boards are also awesome things to help stay motivated! I also look at people like Oprah or Angelina Jolie or Gwen Stefani or Beyonce … basically bad ass babes living into their power, enjoying their lives and making some amazing things happen for the good of the world.

Discover more about Natalie Vartanian online at Natalie The Coach, as well as Sex The Podcast which has a launch date in April of 2015. Natalie can also be found from time to time on Facebook and Instagram.

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