Intuition Can Be Developed With Practice

At a very young age, my mom encouraged my psychic intuition. She taught me how to believe in foretelling and observing life in such a way that patterns became easily detected. We used to communicate to each other without using words, and then finish each other’s sentences.

As a teen, I discovered dream-walking theories from a science-fiction fantasy series called The Wheel of Time. The author wrote about having other-worldly experiences while physically sleeping at home. I was captivated and practiced traveling in my dreams every night. Decades of paying attention to my intuition has led me to being able to read people and situations very well with very little interaction. I also often have prophetic visions that unsurprisingly end up coming true.

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8 Ways To Develop Intuition:


1. Understand that all is always well.

My traumatic childhood led me to being a successful entrepreneur. My mom’s passing taught me to give life everything I’ve got! I was safe with family, while in the midst of the Egyptian Revolution. Recognizing the Best of every situation develops intuition and insight. Logic tries to convince us of the Worst in unfavorable circumstances, because that is what’s obvious. Observe both and choose to see light and love.


2. Know that everything happens for a reason.

This trite expression is helpful in developing intuition because, like above, many times the appearance of what’s happening isn’t truly the cause for the occurrence.  Gain keen intuition by noticing that every circumstance likely leads to some type of growth or transformation. Remain open to the wisdom that is trying to reach you.


3. Listen to the voices in your head!

Intuition is the ability to understand something right away, without the need to figure out how or why or what. For me, intuition arrives in the form of visuals, almost like vivid daydreams. Your intuition may speak to you through gut feelings, words, and even smells. However it arrives, honor it. Listen to and respect the guidance being delivered.


4. Practice compassionate living.

Intuition allows us to see that someone is hurting without any signs of pain or discomfort. Use your intuition to care for others by paying close attention to body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. Practice reading between the lines by listening to your intuition. Offer support for someone in need of your help.


5. Act responsibly.

It can be sooooooo comfortable to sit on the couch all night, binge-watching Netflix on TV. Hopefully after a few hours of inactivity, intuition will kick in, motivating moving on to something more productive. Develop intuition by noticing what it is that inspires you to get up from the comfy sofa and take action. That urge to move is brilliant insight. 


6. Just do it!

Our logical minds tend to want to plan, schedule and predict life’s journey. Except, Earth (and everyone on it) has it’s own idea of how things should transpose. Intuition helps us remain adaptable in unpredictable situations. Not familiar with what to do when faced with new circumstances? Trust your intuition and follow your gut.


7. Be passionate.

Intuition is mostly guided by passion. There is a feeling deep inside us that motivates us by fueling us with fire. We may not know why we enjoy cars, art, wealth, fame, etc… but we trust that feeling and (hopefully) pursue that passion. The same applies for intuition. It is simply a feeling that arrives, offering guidance and insight. Build a relationship with both sensations and discover the life of your dreams!


8. Spend time with yourself.

The best way to develop intuition is to simply spend time by yourself. In a world over-saturated with noise from traffic, television, other people and even nature — it’s no wonder many can’t hear themselves think. Go on a retreat, take a walk, sit in a park… do things that allow you to truly tap into your thoughts and emotions. Maintain a loving relationship with yourself and your intuition will become your best friend.

How does your intuition work? Do you have any tips or thoughts to share on Facebook or Twitter?

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