Take Care of Yourself With 8 Simple Steps

Others Benefit When You Take Care of You

Here are eight simple ways you can take better care of yourself, physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually. Be patient with yourself as you create a habit doing these things.

Count your blessings. Every day. Did your eyes open this morning? Whisper, “Thank you.” Did you just take a breath? Do it again with the thought, “Thank you air for surrounding this planet, so clean, pure, and energizing.” Take care of the abundance that surrounds you, by being grateful for all that is well.

Think about your grandest desires. Close your eyes if you need to go within to see what it would look, feel, and smell like in a world where you are always, always surrounded by win-win, best case scenarios? Take care of your mind by utilizing this inner wisdom that is like a secret doorway into all-of-your-dreams-come-true. Pay attention and take relevant actions towards the vision of your highest self.

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When we become too comfortable with our surroundings, our spirit can sometimes lack growth and inspiration. Nip this in the bud by traveling somewhere new when you feel you are in a rut. Or, call someone you have not spoken to in awhile. Start new conversations to freshen up your interactions with different people than you may be used to. Take care of yourself through culture and exploration.

Food is delicious and what my brain thinks sounds good, may not always be the best way for me to function properly. By holding myself accountable to making smart(er) choices about diet and exercise, I am more easily able to heal and regenerate positive cells in my body. After a trial and error period, I now have a delectably healthy diet and exercises that I look forward to doing.

Do you watch TV with competitive heroes? It could be sports, reality, or talent expos… Who do you end up rooting for? My guess is that it is the person who you see truly believes in themselves. While many people wish for confidence to be something bestowed upon us by others, it is something that comes from within. Focus your attention on the part of your belly, just below the rib cage. Visualize this space warming up and radiating light out of you like the sun until you are as bright as the celebrities you love to see on TV. Walk around emitting this light!

Growing Boulder Take Care of Yourself 8 Steps

From The Amazingly Inspirational Growing Boulder


You are only as old as you think you are! Take care of yourself by remaining playful and open to spontaneity. Give yourself permission to be bold and expressive about the way you feel — about everything. Create wild ideas from your imagination. Build dreams with visions had while dancing, riding a bike or jumping on a trampoline.

I believe that we are each here to pursue our unique path of passion. Take care of yourself by allowing yourself the pleasure doing things you like to do. Go dancing, if that makes you happy. Build a legacy out of whatever it is you are passionate about.

Everyone Benefits When You Take Care of Yourself First

Even in the sad and tragic moments of life, one can find beauty. It may take years to recognize, but most people find that love has the most influence over our earthly experiences. Take care of yourself by allowing the pain to move through you before being recharged with doses of love. Look for this sentimental feeling in people, animals and nature. Love heals all wounds with time.

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