Carolina Hoyos Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

Carolina Hoyos Inspirational Interview

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Carolina Hoyos is a musician and an actor who has not stopped playing her heart out since she was two years old. Before ending her career as a child concert pianist, she developed an interest in acting. Carolina fronted a variety of bands while dabbling with many instruments to find her true sound while moonlighting as a stage and film actor and director, as well as a 3 season stint as an on-air panelist on pop culture talk show “MTV Hits”.

As an actor Carolina is often typecast as the musician and/or homeless tough girl, often featuring her own music and weathered clothing from her life on the road. Carolina’s former band, Morgan Ave, appeared in the films “13 Going on 30” with Jennifer Garner and “Shooting Livien” with Dominic Monhagan. Her former band, Two Birds, was scouted on their 1st outing to appear in a Motorola Rokr ad campaign. Carolina has also appeared as herself on TV reality show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and in Pharrell Williams video for Oscar Nominated song “Happy” from “Despicable Me 2”.

Carolina has shared the stage with Eddie Van Halen, Ryan Adams and members of Guns N’ Roses. A hip-hop collaboration “The Difference” with Mr Ra and DJ Caspr is featured alongside Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent on the Zoo York – E.S.T 4.0 skate video soundtrack.

Inspirational Interview with Carolina Hoyos

What is stopping you from fulfilling your dream career?
I took out a loan to focus solely on music and give up acting (which was paying the bills) – then my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. I became his caregiver and then had a PTSD relapse. Needless to say, I burned through the loan while I recovered. Now I have to pay it back with a desk job.

What steps are you taking towards reaching your goals?
I have been co-writing and producing fresh new songs and reaching out to publishing companies & A&R that I’ve met over the years. I’m also interviewing for jobs that provide me much more flexibility and the ability to work remotely, which is fantastic, considering I am planning writing trips to London and Hong Kong.

What motivates you to want to make your dreams come true?
The chance to inspire others.

Who or what inspires you to stay motivated?
I meditate and have a service dog. I am also part of a theater company and our focus this season has a lot to do with healing intergenerational trauma.

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