Be Grateful For Every Little Bit of Life

8 Every Day Things To Be Grateful For

Unfavorable situations happen to every person. It doesn’t matter if someone is good or bad, boring or interesting. Life has a way of challenging us throughout our lives. When I am caught up in unwanted circumstances, instead of focusing on what is missing — I practice gratitude for what is right and well.

I pay respect for the following things that exist in my life, every day (at almost every moment). I either repeat a prayer of gratitude, say “thank you” out loud, or simply acknowledge “Yep. That thing is pretty cool.” Usually, my shift in awareness creates more of what I want, filling in gaps where I thought things were missing.

Be Grateful For. . .

1. Conveniences

Can you imagine traveling from New York City to Chicago in 1832? Not only did people have to use animals to pull their carts, they also needed to hunt beasts for food. Modern conveniences allow us to fly thousands of miles in just hours. We can easily drive to the grocery store for food. Take time each day to verbalize gratitude for these many, many conveniences.

2. Knowledge

The internet offers a tutorial for everything! Refrain from taking this luxury for granted. Life is full of surprises, and as far as I know, no one was born with a guidebook or instruction pamphlet. Be grateful for the plethora of things you can see, do and learn from the world-wide-web. Let this technological age “wow” you with the depth of wisdom available at our fingertips.

Be Grateful Affirmations for luxury wealth money magic3. Helpful People

We encounter many people throughout each day. Some we are very intimate with, like our friends and family. Others, are fleeting moments at the grocery store or while driving on the freeway. No matter how busy life gets, take time to be grateful every day for the people who help make life easier and better for you.

4. Healing

Be grateful for the way our bodies know how to heal without any prompts from us (although at times, illnesses demand that we do help the body heal). Either way, be thankful for the ability to heal, grow, and overcome ailments and wounds.

purple crown chakra be grateful gratitude

5. Every Step of the Way

It sounds kind of silly at first, but there’s power in this message. Be grateful and aware of all that you do on a regular basis! It might feel like you’ve accomplished nothing at the end of the day, or a long week. Really take the time to jot down what you did do, including things like chores, errands, work projects, family projects, unexpected projects… Give yourself credit where it’s due.

6. Imagination

The imagination can not only feed a creative idea, but it aids in developing smart solutions for challenging situations. Show gratitude for creative imaginations the next time someone offers a seemingly hair-brained idea. You never know, there could be a gem hiding in that fantastical concept.

7. Mother Earth

We could not be sharing this blogging conversation if there was no planet to house our bodies and material possessions. Be mindfully aware of how amazing our planet is by being grateful for every physical thing you touch, pass, see, or think of every day.

8. Love

Last, but not least, remain grateful for love. There is always love, in every situation. Love isn’t always obvious (like on the news), but compassionate and nurturing souls are everywhere on this planet. Sometimes, they are just trapped in furry bodies, or tall, bark-skinned plants. Look for love. Discover it is all around. Practice gratitude.


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