8 Truths Supporting All Dreams Come True

Find out how you can make your dreams come true!

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution to be more, do more, and live more fully? It’s exciting in the beginning because the thought is usually super charged with faith that anything is possible.

Usually, for me, I find that I stay on track for a few weeks, and then gradually ween myself away from big goals. I either distract myself with other projects, or worse, convince myself the Big Dream was too ambitious to achieve.

Now, I use these 8 Truths to remind me why dreams coming true is so very important and necessary. What’s the truth about your dream lifestyle? 

8 Truths About Dreams Come True

1. Dreams Come True Every Day

Oprah and Jim Carrey are prime examples of people who overcame challenges before creating their dream lifestyles. They both transformed from broke, homeless, neglected, to wealthy celebrities. Dreams come true every day for those who believe and take action.

2. You Have It In You To Make Your Dreams Come True

Once you believe dreams actually come true, the knowledge can be used as power and motivation to encourage you to take the actions needed to make your dream lifestyle happen! You have it in you to make your dreams come true. Believe it and then, take action!

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3. People Benefit From Success

When I make my own dream come true, by publishing a self-help book, I win. I gain experience, joy, and even sometimes a little money. Readers win by working through my book and transforming old, stuck energies. People benefit from my success. Others will benefit from your success, too.

4. Each Moment Is New & Fresh

Did you know our body’s cells regenerate completely every seven years? Our skin sluffs off when we bathe, simultaneously growing fresh layers underneath. Next time you make a mistake or miss an opportunity, think of it like a sun burn. It may be temporarily painful and even unsightly, but after a few days (or weeks), the body is ready for another sit under the sun. Let this be a reminder that every moment is a new chance to take steps in the direction of your dreams.


5. You Are 100% Unique

No one has the same exact dream as you. Even if you dream to be a Chief Amazement Officer and Jane Doe also wants to be a Chief Amazement Officer, you would both create uniquely different results! You are the only person who can manifest your dream. That should be reason enough to pursue all of your dreams coming true.

6. Dreams Are Whatever You Make Them

The coolest part about dreams coming true is that an ambition can be whatever the goal-maker wants it to be. A dream could be to walk a tight-rope between sky-rise buildings in NYC. A dream could be to create the first colony on the moon. Dreams are whatever you want them to be.

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7. The World Needs More Dreams Come True

As I mentioned above in #3: People benefit from success. When people followed the calling to expand the world-wide-web, we all benefitted. People who make big dreams come true often end of impacting the world in profound ways. Please pursue your dream, too. The world needs more dreams come true.

8. Life Is Extraordinary When Dreams Come True

What memories from your childhood are your favorite? My guess is that you loved days when everything was perfectly aligned with all of your wants and desires. When all of a person’s dreams come true, life is extraordinary. Thus, pursuing your dreams and manifesting them, leads to a phenomenal lifestyle.


Re-visit these 8 Truths about Dreams Coming True whenever you feel uncertain about why you should go after that really big goal. Allow these 8 Truths to remind you that dreams are important for you and the world around us. 

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