Accountability is Necessary for Success

Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

Whether with a partner, team or alone, accountability is necessary for the completion of goals. I can make a list of things to do, stare at it for days, and wonder why my goals are left unfinished — or, I can hold myself accountable to taking steps in the direction of my dreams. Except… It’s not always easy to be my own cheerleader all of the time.

That’s why accountability partners (or success teams) are really important in the development of success. But how does one find a good accountability partner?


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To help attract the right people into your life (be it an agent, a caretaker, a bookkeeper, an accountability partner, or a dog walker), consider looking for these 8 qualities:

8 Things To Look For In Accountability Partners

A charitable person is considerate of other’s needs and will understand when you’re doing the best you can towards a goal. A generous personality is often open to possibility, which helps when working through challenging moments.

Who better to hold yourself accountable than someone who has already done what you are trying to do. Avoid the time spent making mistakes by learning from your mentor’s mistakes. Seek out people who have experience in what you are setting out to do.

nurse on phone accountability partner good listening skills3. GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS
Look for an accountability partner who communicates equally between speaking and listening. While chatterboxes could have great advice, it might not be relevant if they are not listening to, or understanding, the unique circumstances of your goals.

Sure — drill sergeants get the job done, but who wants to be bossed around by their accountability partner? No one, ever. Try to seek out helpful accountability partners who nurture you with comfort and encouragement.

This may seem obvious, but I’ll just state that a couch potato, or unemployed relative, is probably not the best person to be holding you accountable to your dreams. Surround yourself with people who are confidently pursuing their dreams.

Accomplishing goals is a serious business. It’s not easy. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be painful. Make sure that you have people on your success team who make you laugh and encourage a fun, enjoyable environment.

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An accountability partner should be able to understand your goal from conception to completion. In order to maximize efficiency of your goal-reaching, try to find people who are detail-oriented, organized, and committed to long-term results.

Which statement feels better: “How come it took you so long to complete that goal?” or “Great job! You really worked hard for a long time to complete that goal!” The best accountability partner will use kind words of loving encouragement to guide you along the way.

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