How To Help A Family Member Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Before you can show someone how to do something, such as ride a bike or drive a car, you must become proficient at the task yourself.  The same is true if you want to help a family member live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s always easier to look at another person and say “Hey, here’s what you should fix about yourself in order to have a better life.” Not everyone has the courage to look at themselves with the same scrutiny. Wise people know that to help others they must, first, help themselves – which takes self-awareness. Read below to discover Eight Ways to Care for Your Family (by taking care of yourself first).

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Eight Ways to Care for Your Family

Focus attention on feeling and expressing gratitude for what is right and well in each moment. This is especially important during life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. Tap into an optimistic thought and share it with your family. Your light may guide and inspire family members to also be positive.

Take time each day to objectively review your thoughts, words and actions. Were you fair? Honest? Passionate? Take note of where you can grow and follow up with actions that reflect your highest vision of yourself. You may inspire your family to be all that they can be.

Whether our families are made by blood or choice, the people surrounding us create our support systems. Intimate bonds are made and maintained through interactions and can be verbal, emotional and physical. When you communicate openly and honestly, you invite others to do the same.

Give yourself a break when things don’t work out the way you thought they would. Be forgiving when family members don’t match your expectations. Practice compassion whenever you can and watch as your family follows suit.

How can a child believe they can be successful in their dream job if their parents are just plugging away at jobs they can barely tolerate or, perhaps, even despise?  It may be rocky at first, but in the long run, the pursuit of your true calling will inspire your loved ones to follow their passions.

Even if your title in the family is “The Serious, Responsible One,” there is room in life for playfulness. Your joy and happiness is guaranteed to rub off on others in your family. Release some responsibility and go have some fun!

Take better care of your family by being an outstanding role model. Make ethical choices and maintain integrity. By taking responsibility for yourself, you inspire others to lift themselves up.

How can you be there for your family members if you are emotionally and/or physically drained? Make sure to spend time loving yourself. For some, that means a little retail therapy. Others enjoy a warm bubble bath. Find the thing that makes you feel like you’re doing something special for yourself and do it!

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