Creativity Can Come Naturally

Eight Ways To Increase Creativity

1. Count Your Blessings
Try to see the brighter side of things. Cliche? Yes. But, a positive, optimistic attitude affirms “Yes, there can be a win-win outcome for this situation.” Negative, pessimistic view points close all doors to chance. Circumstances can be completely out of our control, but free will allows us to choose to focus on what’s right and well.
2. Try Something Different
Isn’t there a saying about insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result? If your creativity is blocked, try something new! Let go of the expectation that you have to create something one, specific way.
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3. Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been
Explore somewhere exotic, or far away. Or, stay local but get a new perspective by visiting the local library, theatre or park. Get out of a rut with a change of scenery. New stimuli will encourage creativity.

4. Explore a New Cuisine
Booking a trip to India with intentions of trying authentic, foreign food, can be costly. Instead, explore Yelp for restaurants nearby serving food you wouldn’t normally eat. Look for places with great reviews to make sure you’ll have an enjoyable experience.

5. Walk Away From Work
Sometimes the perfect way to creatively problem solve, is to do something menial, like the dishes, or coloring in free downloadable coloring pages. Engaging in activities that distract the motor skills helps the creative mind think of new ideas.

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6. Break the Rules
Most of us are conditioned to follow all of the rules, most of the time. We would probably agree there are some exceptions to every rule. When stuck in a rut or out of ideas, kick in your rebellious nature and question the limitations you may have place on the situation. Stretch your imagination to the extreme to drum up new and exciting ideas.

7. Get A Hobby
There are some lucky people making a living doing what they love. Not all passions can be turned into a thriving business or career (although I may forever argue this). Either way, engaging in a passionate activities enhances creativity by fueling your drive and ambition to work through any problem.

8. Connect With A Good Friend
What better way to expand on an idea than by brainstorming with a coworker or friend? Make a sincere connection with someone in regards to any creative blocks. Ask others how they might handle the situation. If you remain open, you should receive very valuable insights and information.

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