Hold Yourself Accountable To Big Dreams

Eight Reasons To Hold Yourself Accountable

1. You Will Discover More Abundance

If you compile a list of every little thing throughout the day that is well and right in your life, you’ll soon discover that there is a LOT of wealth and abundance always surrounding you. In order to attract more prosperity, find a notebook or journal and hold yourself accountable to making daily lists of gratitude.

2. You Will Transform Into Who You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Hold yourself accountable to transforming into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Take steps, make modifications, and learn something new every day. Actions taken towards your dream lifestyle will lead you to your destination. You can get there, (no matter where that is for you), by holding yourself accountable to your goals.

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3. You Will Discover A World Full of Helpful People

When you visualize your dream lifestyle, do you see people helping you with things you don’t care to do, like accounting and cleaning? Are you also seeing that you help others by being your best and highest self? Hold yourself accountable to being cooperative and you should discover that others want to help you, too.

4. Your Family Will Also Hold Themselves Accountable

We all do things that are acceptable and commonplace in our immediate environment. Hold yourself accountable to setting the example for your family by eating right and exercising regularly. Most likely, they will mimic your healthy behavior and join you, too.

5. Your Dream Job Will Appear

If a person dreams of working as an executive, but doesn’t take any of the steps needed to get there, chances are unlikely for this person to succeed. If you hold yourself accountable to making confident choices in the direction of your dreams, you are much more likely to reach your goals.1379416_10152351521874458_1843217097_n

6. You Will Get Through Your Creative Blocks

When stumped with a challenge, it’s easy to become lazy and distracted. But, if you hold yourself accountable to your goals and dreams, you will eventually find a creative solution to the problem. Use your imagination to think of a million different ways to get through a situation. One idea could be worth millions.

7. You Will Leave A Legacy

We all work on our reputation, whether consciously or not. Our character is developed by our actions, which are results of our thoughts. When you hold yourself accountable to fulfilling your goals and dreams, you will leave a legacy for others to remember for years to come. Dedicate yourself to your passion and stick with pursuing your dreams.

8. You Will Fall In Love All Over Again

If someone repeatedly says “I’ll start working out tomorrow.” and then never follows through, they are likely to feel guilt and frustration. Those whom hold themselves accountable probably experience great joy and pride for their positive actions. When you hold yourself accountable to what matters most to you, chances of falling in love increase exponentially.

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