Snappee Creator, Keziah Okonkwo Shares Inspiration in Interview

Keziah Okonkwo Shares Inspiration About Creating Hair-Friendly Accessory, Snappee

Inspirational Interview with Snappee Creator Keziah Okonkwo Creator, Keziah Okonkwo, was inspired to create a versatile, hair-friendly accessory to support her natural hair styles but much more a hair tie that would not damage her hair when using it.

Between the standard bun for the gym, afros and up-dos for auditions, Keziah had only wished a hair accessory existed to transform her hair throughout the day. Thus, the SNAPPEE, Snap-Off Hair Tie was born!

After all these years, Keziah thought it was time to take the traditional hair tie into the 21st century. With Revolutionary hair technology, SNAPPEE has changed the game, and there’s no going back! They’ve combined versatility and utilitarianism with style and a fun, fresh attitude!




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Inspirational Interview with Snappee Creator, Keziah Okonkwo

How long did it take you to get to where you are now?
It took 5 years. I moved to Los Angeles, worked for years in the service industry and auditioned for jobs in the entertainment industry. I never stopped working! I took every opportunity to prepare myself to take the leap of faith towards becoming my own boss.

How did you deal with fear, doubt and worry?
I give fear a pep talk. I find my fear is when I think outside myself and about what others think, so a pep talk and putting things into perspective helps.

For doubt, I do a list of pros and cons. I only have doubt when I don’t have all the information or haven’t taken the time to logically think things through.

Worry, is an emotion and a feeling, I pay close attention to this because I have a subconscious reason why I’m worried. So I slow down and allow the real reason to surface. All in all I don’t let any of these defeat me, they are all self created and can be self solved.

Snappee hair accessory inspirational interview

What people, places or things motivated you to make your dreams come true?
I’m motivated by all things: a cup of coffee from a delicious cafe, a great dance song, a cute boy in my building hehehe.. I truly can be motivated quickly but staying motivated, well that part comes from: my great group of girlfriends that I see at least once a week, a long hike, my brothers and family in Nigeria.

Who or what inspires you to stay motivated?
My older brother has truly inspired me to become my own boss and start my own company. He is self taught, no college degree and has been successful in running his own online business. He saw the sketch idea I had for my product on my desk all dusty and forgotten about and he pointed it out to me when he was visiting one day and told me my idea was brilliant and I should start my own company. He has pushed me and mentored me along the way. He has been my start motivation.

My continuous motivation to get up every morning and send crazy amounts of emails, ship orders and continue as a one woman band have been the emails I receive from women who thank me for creating a product that they feel is heaven sent!

Check out this quick video to see how Snappee’s work:

What struggles did you encounter in order to become successful doing what you love?
I’ve encountered many struggles with my business like: sourcing materials, finding capital, making sales and managing the business. Now I’m making consistent sales and getting recognition and I feel the struggles start to disappear after you’ve been in your industry for sometime.

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