Attract More Romance Into Your Life

Eight Tips To Attract More Romance Into Your Life

Whether you are married or single, dating or in a complicated relationship — these eight tips can help attract more romance into your life.

1. Play Dress Up

Let’s pretend that the man, or woman, of your dreams has asked you out on a date. Do you show up in pajamas or looking like a million bucks? Now, imagine your significant other wearing the same two outfits. Which look is you more attractive to you? Give yourself the time you deserve to look your best. When you look good, you feel great!

2. Try Something New

Routine is comfortable and cozy, like a fuzzy blanket on a rainy day. But, if it were to rain for three weeks straight, that blanket is likely to lose its charm. The same is true in relationships (and life). Yes — be grateful for the security that comes with routine, but every once in awhile, try something new to spice up the romance.

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3. Go On Vacation

Whether you are single or in a relationship, traveling to an exciting place can help increase romantic feelings. Treat yourself to new experiences that can only come from being somewhere you’ve never been. Explore exotic territory that gets you a little tingly in your tummy.

4. Cook A Romantic Meal

Again, this suggestion applies regardless if you are a couple or on your own. Make an elaborate, home-cooked meal and curl up with a good book or favorite movie. If you’re single and this idea makes you feel lonely, pretend that you’re practicing for when (s)he is in your life. Then, when they arrive, you’ll be confident and ready!

5. Pursue Your Dreams

You tell me which description is more attractive to you:

A. successful business person changes the world with brilliant invention
B. lazy couch potato binge-watches another season of Game of Thrones

Be that which you would like to attract. Focus on your own personal development, instead of trying to develop a partnership. The right person will find you while you are in pursuit of your dreams. And the best part? They will adore your ambition and support you wholeheartedly.

6. Be Spontaneous

Relationships are tricky sometimes. In the beginning, it takes time to figure out what works well for both people. Then, once a routine is established, boredom creeps in. Stop this from happening by being spontaneous. Be creative and find random events to go to at the last minute.

7. Be Gentle and Kind

Your character is built upon the choices you make throughout your life. But, that doesn’t mean that people can’t modify their behavior to become a better person. Start today, making choices that are thoughtful and kind. Charm your lover with a pleasant demeanor and watch as the romance unfolds!

8. Take Care of Yourself

I have another scenario for you to consider. Which instance is more romantic to you:

A. well-groomed individual has life in order and wants to share that with you
B. unhygienic person begs for assistance, unwilling to help themselves, insists you do everything for them

Okay. So be that person that you are looking for in your life and you are likely to attract the romantic partnership of your dreams!

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