Express Your Gifts and Talents

Eight Reasons Why the World Needs You To Express Your Gifts & Talents

You might not think that it matters whether or not you pursue your dreams or express your unique gifts and talents, because you’re just one person. Please consider these eight reasons why the world needs you to express your gifts and talents.

1. Money Will Circulate

Oprah is a great example of someone who was raised in poverty and now lives as a wealthy, powerful force. She makes the most of her money by contributing to charitable causes which benefit many people. The world needs more people to express their gifts and talents in this way.
2. Knowledge Will Expand
Looking back at medical practices from the Middle Ages, one might cringe. But, think about how those exact applications led to better performances, eventually taking us into modern day medicine. Look at the expansion of any industry and notice how growth comes about after people articulate gifts and talents unique to them.

3. Interactions Will Synchronize
When someone makes a point to express their unique gifts and talents, they inevitably run into other people who are on the same path. The world needs you to express yourself so that in turn, you give others permission to do the same. Find your tribe, support group, or community interested in your goals.

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4. Hurts Will Heal

Sometimes we bottle up our pain and undesirable emotions because we don’t want to express negative feelings. When we instead decide to communicate ourselves openly and honestly, we make room for healing to happen. The world needs that to happen so that we are not collectively living in pain and sorrow.

5. Dreams Will Come True

Imagine if I were to only think about being an author and illustrator, without ever taking any action. How would anyone on this Earth know of the gifts and talents I have to offer? In order for my dreams of becoming a well-known writer to manifest, I must first take actions that reflect this ambition. The same is true for you. Express yourself!

6. Playfulness Will Ensue

Madonna has been a household name for decades because she devoted herself to expressing her unique gifts and talents. Because of her actions, many have sung and danced to her music. If more people behaved playfully, instead of reacting über seriously to the news, we might find the world to be a better place.

7. You Will Be Remembered

You are a unique individual. The dreams, goals, and ambitions that you think about are yours and yours alone. Even if someone else had the same ideas, the execution would still be one-of-a-kind. The world needs you to be you because no one else can ever complete that task.

8. You Will Find Love All Over The Place

Many people who ignore their dreams find themselves unhappy or unfulfilled. On the other hand, those who regularly express their unique gifts and talents are wrapped up in satisfaction and enjoyment for life. Fall in love with life by making the commitment to express yourself fully.

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