Embrace Change For These Eight Reasons

Embrace Change Because…

1. … there will be a reward.
If a caterpillar did not go through its metamorphosis period, there would be no butterflies. Change is necessary for each of us to reach the next level. Whether that be physically, spiritually, financially, or emotionally, by welcoming change, we open the door for new strength, wisdom, opportunities and experiences. The process may be uncomfortable, but the reward is usually magnificent.

2. … change leads to wisdom.
Every time we learn something new, our knowledge increases. As babies, change took us from crawling to walking, from mumbling to speaking complete sentences, from slurping on liquids to eating solid foods. Each new change is an opportunity to become bigger, better, and smarter. Try to see that changes lead to wisdom and you will make adjustments more easily and quickly.

3. … the right people will find you.
Are you still friends with the people you knew in elementary school? If so, that’s great! But, are they the only people you’re close to? Or, have you expanded to include new friends? When we embrace change in our social circles, we expand our network to include more diverse and interesting people.

4. … your body can then heal.
It’s pretty easy, and fairly common, for humans to develop health issues from bad habits. Excessive smoking and drinking, not exercising, and a poor diet all contribute to poor health. One miraculous thing about our bodies is that they have the capability to heal — but first one must embrace change and reverse the damage by making an adjustment to the unfavorable behavior.


5. … you will master your craft.
When I started my career in graphic design, Adobe had just release PhotoShop 4.0. Imagine if today, almost twenty years later, I was still using that vintage software. I would not be able to impress very many clients! Every time Adobe released a new version of PhotoShop, I had to embrace change and learn something new. Each upgrade ultimately led me to becoming a proficient graphic designer with professional skills.

6. … change offers multiple solutions to one problem.
Let’s say that I need to  get a hold of a friend who has recently moved out of town. Continuing the fantasy, pretend with me that the only way we’ve ever communicated is in person. If I stubbornly insist on communicating in the way in which we’ve always done it (in person), I will only be able to chat with my friend by traveling. But, if I embrace change and consider calling, texting, using Skype, emailing, or even writing a letter — a handful of solutions appear and my friend and I can stay in touch, happily ever after.

7. … insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
I can’t expect to reach millions of people, if I write my inspirational thoughts in a private, personal journal. As I write this blog, I am thinking of new and different ways to expand my reach. Even after I have a fan base, I have to try new things to both keep their attention as well as gain the interest of more fans. If I instead, become content with where I’m at — I will forever stay right here.

8. … you are not meant to stay the same forever.
What if we stayed the same as we were when we were first born. I’m sure our mothers would love this idea, but really, it means that we would still be drooling and incapable of feeding ourselves. It’s an extreme example, but hopefully it illustrates how important it is to simply embrace change and see adjustments as an opportunity to become bigger, better, and more elaborate human beings.

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