Friends Are the Family We Choose For Ourselves

Who Are Your Best Friends?

Let’s look closely at the friends we choose. Then, let’s bring it back home and look within -evaluating the choices we’ve made, (yes, please take responsibility), about the company we keep.

Making a conscious effort to surround ourselves with inspirational and motivational people has tremendous benefit. Having regular moral and emotional support helps us define goals, stay on track, and create lasting changes. It can even improve effectiveness and productivity.

It’s much easier to blame external circumstances, including our friends, when things aren’t going our way than to take personal responsibility. Unfortunately, we can’t change the ones we love to be something they are not. Can you relate to any of these statements?

“My boss is so mean. She won’t give me a promotion.”

“My commute takes forever. Someone should do something about that.”

“My children drive me crazy. They never pick up after themselves.”

“The government can’t be trusted. They are always hiding the truth.”

It took me decades to realize that blaming external circumstances is simply a distraction from the truth: Everything is a reflection of the self. And, I’m sorry folks, but most external circumstances are out of our control — the only thing we have the ability to change is ourselves.

That said, we can take responsibility for choosing the people we interact with. By making wise choices you will experience less frustration and create stronger connections. Your relationships will motivate you to be and do more.

Here are eight qualities to look for when developing and maintaining friendships:


Eight Qualities To Look For In Best Friends

1. Big Dreamers

If you surround yourself with friends who have big dreams, you won’t be able to resist the inspiration. You will be motivated to chase your own ambitions, because you’ll see first-hand that a dream lifestyle really is tangible.

2. Question Everything

Close-minded individuals are not receptive to new ideas. Goals and growth are only possible with forward movement.  If you make friends with people who question the status quo, chances are you also will start to see things in new ways. New beliefs mean new paradigms, translating into fresh and exciting circumstances. Ah! Growth.

3. Well Traveled

Explorers have priceless experiences that you can tap into for inspiration and motivation. Travel with these friends, or learn about other cultures through conversation. Either way, you are bound to grow.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! Food is such an essential part of life. Meals take time to prepare and often feed more than one person at a time. For this reason, we tend to eat whatever is being served in our social circles. Surrounding yourself with people who enjoy healing foods keep your health goals on track.

5. Confidence

There’s a big difference between arrogance and confidence. Unfortunately, both can appear very charming on the surface. Make sure you have friends who know themselves – their good and bad qualities. An arrogant person likely will only boast about their favorable actions, while neglecting to acknowledge their flaws. And, that’s just frustrating. Having confident friends can give you the boost you need to feel more self-assured.

6. Creative Problem Solvers

Not only are creative problem solvers great for finding “The Way To Make Something Happen” — these types of people are usually super interesting to be around! Creative minds envision scenarios that are imaginative and wild — a beneficial energy to have around during challenging moments.

7. Conscientious Decision Makers

Do you feel empowered around people who are dangerous or disrespectful? Probably not. But, if you surround yourself with people who are making choices that bring positive change into the world, you’re sure to feel good about yourself, while motivated to join a worthy cause.

8. In Love with Life

Who would you rather spend time with – a whiney complainer, or a playful free-spirit Make friends with happy people and their joy will rub off on you. You are worth having friends who make life more enjoyable. Take responsibility for who is in your circle and watch as goals become easier to achieve, happiness becomes more regular, and life is a bit more brighter.

Written by: rozine

Gracefully edited by:

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